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We build traffic and conversion by securing positions. We know how to attract visitors by conducting website promotion and advertising campaigns, reaching the target audience. Depending on the type of site, customer’s activity, and capacities, we offer three options for project development.

The price of website promotion depends on the technical condition of website, a quality of content, a competitiveness of the topic, but it is calculated individually for each case. Send a request with your site URL, and we will send back a quotation list.


We perform a set of development works,
when promoting your website

Audit and analysis

PBB design begins step-by-step effective website promotion with an audit. We find and correct errors that negatively affect SEO. We elicit problems with your HTML code and troubleshoot the map. We determine the potential (opportunities) and prospects of successful ranking in Google. We develop an individual strategy that takes into account not both your goals and the specifics of your business.

  • Detection of errors in the code, map, and layout
  • Check of inbound links
  • Recommendations for revision
  • Development of the concept of achieving the TOP

Semantic kernel

Selection and compilation of a list of required search queries. The most effective queries are selected that give the maximum number of applications. The selected phrases are clustered and distributed on pages depending on their competitiveness from one to two or three per page.

  • Selection of key HF, MF, LF queries
  • Clustering and sorting by groups
  • Distribution of clusters by pages


Texts are the basis of everything on any site, a tool for success. We optimize them, write unique articles (copywriting), which will allow us to actively promote your company’s resources on agreed, thematic key issues.

  • Preparation of semantic-based content
  • Professional copywriting
  • Rewriting of existing texts
  • Stuffing with quality content

Internal optimization

Website optimization is the work with internal ranking factors. Checking the validity of the layout, adaptation to mobile devices, work with the sitemap and code, filling in the information, technical refinement.
We form the foundation for promotion to improve functionality. We analyze competitors. We improve your commercial appeal and increase your profits.

  • Meta-tag settings
  • Correction of code and layout errors
  • Adaptation for mobile devices
  • Setting up statistics collection services

External optimization

Competent and professional promotion of any company website to achieve high positions in the search results is associated with improving audience loyalty, behavioral metrics, and the quality of user experience. These are the placement of review releases on thematic sites, expert publications on products, customer feedback on the company, the work to build up and maintain the reputation on the Internet.

  • Linkbuilding, articles on thematic sites
  • Crowd marketing, work on forums
  • Linking pages
  • Links from social networks

Support of achieved result

We observe the positions of the company’s website in the organic results, achieved through our quality promotion and methodological work. We track behavioral factors and changes in ranking algorithms. We emend the texts and the link base. In this way, we carry out our constant technical support of the website.

  • Technical support of the resource
  • Monitoring positions by requests
  • Content emendation
  • Linkbase emendation

What are the terms of website promotion?

  • In low-competitive topics, your site will be in the TOP 3 months after the start of work with maximum promotion for most low and medium-frequency queries in search engines.
  • In high-competitive topics, it will take approximately 6 months, or even more, to get into the TOP 10 for most medium and high-frequency words (phrases).
  • If the website is already being promoted in a relevant state, but you need to improve its position in the organic results, it can be done quickly enough i.e. in 2-3 months for key phrases.

You will get the following after the development of your website

  1. The site’s rating will increase, this will result in the desired first lines for high-frequency and medium-frequency key queries.
  2. The number of failures will decrease, because the modernized, moreover carefully worked out website will become not only relevant but useful to visitors at the same time.
  3. The scroll reach will increase. As a result, the project will receive a steady flow of targeted organic search traffic.
  4. Active social response. The more natural social signals receive the website, the more likely it to get into the TOP when promoting.

The List of works on each stage of website promotion

Stage one: 10-20 days

Stage one: 10-20 days

  • Evaluation of usability, checking the internal state of the project and its potential, analysis of competitors;
  • Compilation of the semantic kernel, selection, and sorting of commercial and information requests;
  • Elaboration of the sitemap, determination of the hierarchy and relationship of all elements of sections and web pages;
  • Draw up a statement of work for necessary changes;
  • Correction of detected technical errors;
  • Installation of data counters (analytics) and setting goals.
Stage two: up to two months

Stage two: up to two months

  • Taking measures to bring the web resource into the relevant state, i.e. improving its quality;
  • Determination and fixation of current indicators and currently occupied positions, which will be the starting point;
  • Writing new texts for the semantic kernel and optimizing the existing material for further promotion of the website;
  • Processing of meta-Title, Description, H1-H6 tags, page setting, relinking;
  • Improving indicators that affect users’ behavior in terms of their reactions to interaction with the site.
Stage three: from two months

Stage three: from two months

  • Strategic SEO promotion of the web resource according to the approved plan;
  • Generation of additional pages on the website to fill with new information materials and publications;
  • Registration in thematic catalogs, on rating platforms, forums;
  • Behavioral evaluation of users (time of stay, scroll reach) and adjustment of usability according to the received data;
  • Observation of competitors and their positions in the search results, comparison of indicators and methods used in website promotion;
  • Systematic improvement of technical and marketing quality of the site with an emphasis on the growth of business indicators.
"We guarantee that the internal and external promotion of websites, which is carried out by our web studio, processing web resources of clients not only in Lviv but also outside Ukraine, will be carried out in compliance with all rules and requirements of search engines. "

Every client is preferred

We build our communication with customers based on the parties’ mutual trust and responsibility.

Each reporting period we prepare detailed reports to understand what parameters and in what time frame can be achieved.

The work is carried out following the recommendations and requirements of the Google search engine.

We use only white box testing methods of site promotion, which is both time and practice proved.

FAQs of our customers

How long does it take to promote a website?

Website SEO promotion in search engines is not always a fast process! A new web resource promotion can take from 3 to 9 months to the TOP-10 on target queries, depending on the competition.

The online marketplace (in most popular industries) has already developed. In each area, some quite strong players have been promoting their websites for many years. In terms of requests, we want to take their place in the results, to offer users better sites. To do this, we need to gain the trust of search engines and show that we came to the market for a long time.

What does the cost of SEO promotion consist of?

The competitiveness of the subject and contractors are the main factors of pricing.

You can order from specialized and experienced companies, as well as make use of a freelancer’s services and save, but the result will not always meet your expectations. On the other hand, it is difficult to imagine that a good specialist will do his job for little money.

The main thing that a customer pays for is the experience of a contractor.

One can study tons of literature, but not be able to apply knowledge in practice and achieve results, so only real experienced specialists matter in SEO.

What does the job involve?

Usually, it involves the following: website analysis, creation of site development strategy, internal and external optimization, preparation of texts and filling with content, work with technical files, preparation of recommendations for improvement, reports on the work performed.

I want to be in the TOP by the word ``auto``

As a rule, key phrases consisting of one word have an indefinite purpose (i.e. it is impossible to say whether a person wants to repair, buy, rent, find a photo, something else). Therefore, even if the site will be at the top of this request, the level of orders will be low. Also, the withdrawal of such requests is very expensive and takes much time. Therefore, it is usually irrational to include such queries in the semantic kernel. It’s worth spending the same resources on more targeted search phrases.

I’m in the TOP, do I still need you?

If you have a lot of competitors in your niche who invest in SEO, they will drive you out soon. We recommend constantly working on the website, adapting to new algorithms to keep the leading position in the search.

I want to pay for conversions from SEO

At the moment, we work mainly using the model of payment based on your positions. But you can write us your proposal and we will consider it.

Do you promote landings?

One-page websites often have too “lightweight” and do not rank well in search engines. This is especially true for topics that large serious sites and aggregator sites are interested in. It is impossible to follow most of the recommendations on landing, which are important for good website ranking. Also, the task of such a site is different – to catch the “hot” traffic, often from contextual advertising, and convert it into customers.

Which is more effective SEO or contextual advertising?

From my own experience, it is optimal to use both methods for the effective promotion of goods and services on the Internet. They always compliment and cover each other’s shortcomings. However, if due to budget constraints you want to focus on one of the types of promotion, then contextual advertising is used for fast, short-term (seasonal) promotion, and SEO is recommended for long-term sales and future brand creation.


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