Website technical support and maintenance

What is support?

Website technical support usually includes an exhaustive list of measures to maintain the performance of a web resource and to ensure its availability on the Internet. Website technical support also includes:

  • сontent optimization for search engine requirements;
  • advertising the resource;
  • its promotion;
  • stuffing with unique text and graphic content;
  • SMM marketing;
  • contextual advertising;
  • technical troubleshooting;
  • systematic information updating.

Constant website maintenance results in convenience and functionality, round-the-clock availability on the Internet, relevance, smooth operation, and complete absence of viruses and errors. Also, your web resource will quickly take the lead in search engine rankings and will constantly hold them. It will certainly have a positive impact on your business and significantly increase your sales. However, maintaining the website independently is quite difficult, and often even irrational. Experienced professionals must take a firm hold of the matter to achieve the best result. We recommend that you assign us the creation and maintenance of your site. We have been developing and promoting web resources for about 15 years.

Website maintenance – a competitive price

PBB design web workshop offers its customers a full range of services for technical support and maintenance of their web resources. At your request, the studio’s specialists will conduct a comprehensive audit of your site, identify any existing shortcomings and determine in which direction it is advisable to work at the moment. We will help you choose the most effective advertising platforms, provide you with a list of SEO queries for optimization, and we will offer a detailed progress report at the end of the month. Remarkably, our price for site maintenance is relatively low.

Why do I need site technical support?

Website support is a set of operations that includes administration, information support, processing and improvement of modules, data backup, a configuration of templates and extensions, as well as, if necessary, change or update the domain name – in short, everything you need for smooth uninterrupted functioning of your web resource. Thanks to the set of all these services, your website will not only take a leading position in search engine rankings but more importantly, will begin to bring you significant profits.

Who will benefit from ordering website support?

  • those whose growing business constantly requires advertising;
  • those who believe that the site should be useful and interesting to visitors;
  • those who want to stay in the top search results;
  • those who care about the company’s image;
  • those who understand the importance of professional support of web resources.

How much does website support cost and is it worth ordering?

It is enough to visit several specialized web resources that offer support services to notice: the price of site support varies considerably. Its cost depends on many factors: which company offers support (usually more well-known companies set a higher price), as well as what is specifically included in the package of services, and, of course, what is the quality of work performed. Today you can find both very expensive and temptingly cheap online offers. Which one is better to choose? The final choice is yours.

The website maintenance work includes:

  • filling pages with unique content optimized for search engine requirements;
  • technical operations for modernization and improvement of individual elements of the web resource;
  • design and placement of banners, and much more.

The studio also provides the related services: modification of modules, redesign, hosting, and transferring to an own CMS (content management system). If you are interested in developing your business and increasing the number of customers, then our comprehensive site support is exactly what you need. Our site support and development will help you to make serious inroads into your business.


Are you ready to order?

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