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Every company develops its business constantly. Companies enter new markets and their target audience changes. Companies’ websites must epitomize the changes. The moment comes when a Website does not meet the status of the company. We offer you to employ our website redesign service.

You should upgrade your website if:

  • the site does not correspond to the current business situation;
  • its physical appearance and principles of navigation do not meet today’s requirements;
  • it is hard or impossible to change the information on the pages without special knowledge;
  • no required functionality;
  • the site is not available via search queries, so you need to promote the site in search engines.

Over time, even very good sites lose their former popularity and cost-effectiveness – they become obsolete. As evidenced in practice, site upgrading is to create a new site. However, there is one important difference. It is the experience of the old version of the site. A company that decided to upgrade its site already understands perfectly well what has been done wrong and how it must be done. At the same time, the requirements for the design and the new necessary functionality of the site are well understood. We provide a full range of site upgrading services:

Changes of website design (redesign)

Changes in the design of your site (often called a redesign) are a complete or partial change in the graphic design of the site (colors, images, fonts…), as well as, possibly, site navigation. This preserves (or tweaks) the overall structure of the site, the model, the set of functionalities, and the content of the site.

Transferring a site to a professional management system

It makes sense to transfer an existing site into a professional content management system (CMS) if it is static or under the control of a system which capabilities no longer meet the needs of the company.

The most common reasons for transferring a site to a professional management system are:

  • a lot of resources to maintain the site up to date; adding news, updating the range of goods and services, etc.;
  • an enhancement is planned (introduction of interactive elements, additional sections);
  • an overall redesign is planned.

Website enhancement

Website enhancement involves the introduction of new services (forums, bulletin boards, order systems, voting, etc.) In case of an overall enhancement, it is recommended to transfer the site to a professional site management system.

If your site has something you do not like, poor site traffic, or you find it difficult to manage the site, we are ready to offer you our services to redesign the site, using the latest developments and experience.


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