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Site Administration is a continuous maintenance process of a web resource, which consists of some measures taking on the site: publishing materials, adding forms, widgets, banners, editing images, etc.

Someone must administer any site. You can do it yourself, but it will not work very well without specific knowledge and experience. The visual display will not always be the best. And there is no question of correcting site errors without knowledge.

It can take a fair amount of time to fix site errors on your own. Self-publishing articles are likely to be ineffective for search engines without deep knowledge of SEO. Also, visualization of web content will not appeal to the audience without the knowledge of graphic editors.

All these subtleties result in the activity, which is called site administration, and takes time, as well as everything else. It’s not enough to create a website and publish it. It will not deliver benefits to you in this way. Your site and content need constant updates.

Types of site administration work

All administration work can be divided into 2 groups: work with content and site technical support.

  • Working with content. Content is information posted on your site. These are texts, images, audio, and video materials. Content should be unique, informative, readable, and attractively designed. This may include both creating and editing content.
  • Site technical support. This work is behind the curtains. Everything that a website visitor sees on a site page has a “stuffing”, which consists of files, codes, and site control panels. This particular “stuffing” must be technically supported. A site administrator must know such languages as Html, CSS, Php. It should seamlessly operate your site’s CMS. All administration work can be performed by one person or a team of specialists. In any case, this work is for professionals, even if it seems simple at first glance.

Your benefits when our specialists run your site

  • Our administrator will boost your site’s rating better than with self-administration.
  • The site will work properly, and possible malfunctions will be corrected as soon as possible.
  • Your content will be correctly designed and published in terms of SEO and graphic design.
  • Our administrators are constantly in contact with our customers, as well as ready to accept information to post on the site.

Of course, you can administer the site yourself, or you can contact us. For many years, our team has been successfully administering and supporting different sites. We administer both newly created and old sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does site administration always involve a subscription fee?

No, it does not, you can order site administration on-demand with payment for the hours worked. Please note that the minimum rate includes only 2 hours of work per month for $30.

How the work is arranged: discussion of tasks and cost estimation?

Clients will communicate with technical support managers and explain the essence of the task. They will ask additional questions to pose the task well. After that, they will charge a price and impose a deadline.
As a rule, we accurately estimate, except for those tasks that can not be accurately calculated at the start.

Can unused fixed fee hours be transferred to the next month?

Unfortunately, it is impossible. Unused fixed fee hours cannot be transferred to the next month.

What is the responsibility for non-compliance with deadlines?

We are liable on a contract.

Can you provide technical support, promotion, and contextual advertising?

Yes, we can, we work on an all-inclusive basis. The price is negotiated individually.

Do you advise on how to improve the site as part of its administration?

Of course, we can make a letter of recommendation for useful work on website. Separately, the SEO-specialist will provide recommendations for improving conversion and development, based on the performance of web analytics.


Are you ready to order?

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