Implementation of Bitrix24 CRM system


Professional implementation of the Bitrix24 CRM will allow you to make the most of all the modern capabilities of this platform following the objectives of your company and to get the maximum return on investment in the product.

We offer to implement Bitrix24 in your company: to configure it “turnkey” and to train your employees, showing them all the possibilities and the correct scenarios for working with the system. Depending on your tasks, we offer two main types of implementation:

Basic implementation of Bitrix24

The basic implementation is a relatively simple and fast version of Bitrix24, which allows you to get standard system functionality.

We will help you configure the server, as well as install, configure and master all the necessary Bitrix24 modules. If necessary, you can order additional functionality that will automate the non-standard business processes of your company in the future. The basic implementation includes the following stages:

Bitrix24 installation

  • Bitrix24 box version installed on your server
  • Server settings

This stage is omitted when using the cloud version of Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 settings

  • Company streamlining
  • Configuration of CRM fields and statuses
  • Configuration of built-in business processes
  • Integration of the CRM with forms on the website
  • Other tasks, depending on your needs.

Learning to work with Bitrix24

Group or individual training of key employees of your company, or training of all employees in the format of seminars.


Project implementation of Bitrix24

The box version of Bitrix24 allows you to create a system fully adapted to the needs of your business.
In most cases, this requires updating the basic functionality or developing completely new modules, because each business is unique.

The project implementation may include, inter alia, Bitrix24 installation, configuration, and training. But first of all, each project implies its unique functionality, which is not in the basic version of Bitrix24.

Typical tasks of the project implementation:

  • Significant refinement of the CRM system for business features
  • Development of an order management module from scratch
  • Development of data and KPI modules from scratch
  • Various modifications of standard modules
  • Non-standard integration with various systems.

Stages of the Project implementation:

  • Development of a detailed statement of work
  • Installation of Bitrix24 on the server
  • Development of new or refinement of existing modules described in the SOW
  • Launch of the project for a pilot team of employees
  • Feedback from the pilot group
  • Access to the new functionality for all employees
  • Concluding a support agreement (optional).

Cost of the Project implementation of Bitrix24

The cost of both the basic and the project implementation consists of two components. These are the Bitrix24 license fee and the cost of the implementation.

Bitrix24 license fee. The fee starts from UAH 400 per month for the cloud version. You can use the free version to get started, but it has some reduced functionality.
The box version costs UAH 22,000.

Cost of the implementation work. The minimum scope of the basic implementation work takes about 5 working days and will cost from UAH 8,000. Write or call us and we will calculate the time and cost of your project.


Who is the automation system for?

Sales departments use CRM systems as their main working tools. Bitrix24 is synchronized with your company’s website or online store, which allows you to automate your customer relationship management, for example, to issue an invoice or to prepare a quotation. An order falls from the website into the CRM system with contact information about a customer, and your manager has to confirm the customer’s order, issue an invoice, and complete the deal. All related departments that communicate with customers are also in the system. Sales automation is the main tool of modern business, which helps to increase efficiency and allows you to be ahead of other companies that do not use CRMs.

Bitrix24 is the best way to manage external interactions and relationships with your customers. Visibility and atomic access to data make it easier to increase team performance. Everyone in your company can see the number of customers’ requests, how the communication took place, what a customer bought or wanted to buy, when he last bought, how much he paid, and much more. In the future, it will be easier for any employee to continue the dialogue with the client, knowing his needs and characteristics.

CRMs can help companies of all sizes stimulate business growth, and it can be especially useful for small businesses, where teams often have to look for ways to do more at a lower cost.


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