Promo Website Development

The development of a promo website will allow you to create a business card site in the shortest time and at the lowest price. The purpose of creating such a site is to promptly provide information about you, your products, or services. The advantages of a business card site are low cost combined with a short site development period.

A business card website is a small site (usually up to 20 pages, with a small number of sections and services) that does not require frequent updating of information.

Time for a business card website creation: from 10 days.
Price for a business card website development: from $500

When developing a business card site is the best option:

  • For the first time, your company has decided to enter the virtual market and create a website
  • You want to post information about any one-time event or action (exhibition, promotion) on the site
  • Your company does not need to post large amounts of information online
  • You want to create a site for search engine promotion
  • You are interested in creating a site for minimal costs
  • You want to create a site that informs about one of the company’s activity areas, in addition to the main corporate site.

A business card site may contain the following sections with information:

  • About the company (About us, About the project). A section with general information about the company. It may contain several additional sections: Our mission, Our history, Our team, Vacancies, Contact us.
  • Products. A business card website section with a description of manufactured products or sold goods.
  • Services. A list of services offered by your company. This can be a single page with the list of services and their brief description, or several sections with a separate detailed description of each service offered.
  • Articles. Articles, publications, information materials.
  • Portfolio. A portfolio of your works.
  • Company news. A business card section for posting your company’s news and information about promotion actions.
  • Feedback. A section containing feedback from your customers.
  • Contact us.
  • Other sections for the best presentation of your information on the site.

Advantages of creating a business card website with us:

  • When creating a business card site, modern ready-made and individually designed websites are used, which allows you to obtain the result in the shortest possible time.
  • Created business card sites include a functional site management system (CMS), which allows you to update the information on the site easily and simply.
  • We propose business card site options that allow you to create both personal and corporate sites.
  • When creating your business card site, the specifics of placing your information are taken into account.
  • Business card sites are fully operational and allow you to enhance the site in the future.
  • Creating a business card site can be the basis for further development of your site. In the future, you will be able to add an online store and other sections to your business card site and create a full-featured corporate website based on the business card site.

Your advantage when creating a business card site in PBB DESIGN:

  • Registration in major search engines such as Yandex and Google. The registration is done manually, which guarantees the correctness and timeliness of information about your site in search engines.
  • Installation of an access counter (we recommend the analytics from Google).
  • Web hosting. Professional hosting will meet the technical requirements that ensure the proper operation of the site. You get a fully operational site.
  • An additional discount when ordering the promotion of the created business card site. We will professionally promote your site, as well as to conduct advertising and search promotion campaign.
  • An additional discount for a second site. We are sure that you will enjoy cooperating with us.
  • Free training of your employee (in any place of Lviv convenient for you or via the Internet) to work with the site and the business card management system.
  • Free technical support for 2 months (installation of necessary system updates, correction of any software errors).
  • Free telephone and online consultation support for 6 months.

Creating your business card site will allow you to effectively declare your business offers and brands on the Internet in a short time. If you are interested in a more detailed presentation of your products or services, we will help you create a site catalog, please, read about it here.


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