Development of Online Stores

What is an online store? Selling online means keeping up with the times. It is no secret that you can buy a plane, theatre, cinema, museum or exhibition tickets without leaving home. Online store development will allow you to use the Internet as efficiently as possible to develop your business in any city. It is one of our priority areas of website creation.

The development time for an online store: from 30 days.
The development cost of an e-commerce site: from $2000.

What do we offer when creating an online store:

Different development options:

  • A full-featured online store where visitors can select and order goods directly.
  • An online store with a product catalog and a cart (with the ability to select and order goods directly on the site) without Buyers’ accounts.
  • An Internet showcase with a catalog of products (without placing orders on the site).
  • online store (online mall) where visitors can add products.
  • An online auction.

An online store as a separate site or an online store as part of a corporate site.

During the development of the site, the following is provides for visitors to your online store:

  • Friendly navigation.
  • Modern design.
  • Fast loading of catalog pages of the online store.

For the owner of the online store we offer solutions that increase the convenience and efficiency of work and service:

  • Friendly site control panel.
  • Creation of multi-level product catalogs.
  • Ease of updating current information.
  • Friendly online store order management.
  • High level of security.
  • Initial SEO optimization of the online store site.

Optionally, we develop various modules that enhance your online store and increase its attractiveness to customers and users:

  • Sorting goods by different characteristics.
  • Compatibility with various payment systems.
  • Photo gallery of goods.
  • Feedback system.
  • Currency selection by users.
  • System of bonuses and discounts.
  • Personal buyer account or fast purchase without registration.
  • SMS and e-mail notification.
  • Automatic generation of invoices and receipts.
  • Mass download of goods: export/import of assortment.
  • Integration with 1C.

We try to pay attention to every detail at different stages of development of an online store to make its further operation as efficient and friendly as possible, for example:

  • Friendly addition of products to the cart without reloading the page or extra clicks and extra strain on the eyes.
  • Convenient viewing and enlargement of product photos.
  • Comparison of products by characteristics.
  • Printable version of the page and the ability to download the price list in Excel format.
  • Feedback from managers – you can ask questions at any time using the feedback form and much more.

Development stages of an online store

An online store is worked out in the following stages:

  • Drawing up a statement of work. At this stage, our client marks his goals, and we begin to search for possible solutions.
  • Design and development. Our specialists create the home and internal pages of the store.
  • Layout setting following the requirements of Internet browsers.
  • Programming. Development of the future store’s functional.
  • Pro-integration. We will work with the part of the site that is “on the other side of the monitor”.
  • Online store testing, project completion. The site is filled with the necessary information and content (audio, video, photos), the functionality is tested on a test domain. In case of successful testing, the store is transferred to the main domain.
  • Support and further development. The only store that can generate profit is constantly supported by experts. We monitor the effectiveness of functionality and marketing “tweaks”, which require frequent updates.

When ordering an online store from us, you additionally receive:

  • Free registration of the online store in major search engines such as Google and Yandex. The registration is done manually, which guarantees the correctness and timeliness of information about your site in search engines.
  • Free installation of an access counter (we recommend the analytics from Google).
  • Web hosting. Professional hosting will meet the technical requirements that ensure the proper operation of the site. You get a fully operational site.
  • Discounts when ordering additional content for the online store, creating a catalog of products and services.
  • An additional discount when ordering the promotion of the created online store. We will professionally promote your site, carry out advertising campaigns and search promotion of the online store on the Internet.
  • An additional discount for a second site. We are sure that you will enjoy cooperating with us.
  • Free training of your employee (in any place of Lviv convenient for you or via the Internet) to work with the site and its management system.
  • Free technical support for 2 months (installation of necessary system updates, correction of any software errors).
  • Free telephone and online consultation support for 6 months.

We create online stores that sell. If you are interested in a site of the same type without online payment, you can read about the development of the site here.


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