Development of a business website

Creating a business website catalog of goods is ordered when there is no need to develop a full-fledged online store, which price is slightly higher, and when no customer’s registration with online payment for an order is required. Such a resource will be a good opportunity to present your products on the Web because even a small web catalog can attract visitors and convert them into buyers.

Time for a website catalog creation: from 15 days.
Price for a business website development: from $1000.

Features and benefits of a business website

Your business website is a full-fledged web resource with an individual design, which contains complete information about your company, its partners, services or products, events, and news, as well as prices, location maps, etc. It contains 10-40 pages.

Your business website will support your image of a serious company that can be trusted. You will be more attractive to customers and partners in matters of cooperation. Today a business web catalog is especially a must-have for companies that participate in tenders, public procurement, as well as apply for cooperation with large organizations and major customers.

It’s hard to start trusting a company that does not bother with web development, or its site was developed in vain. A company that doesn’t care much about its image is unlikely to take its obligations to customers and business partners seriously. Of course, there are exceptions. A good site in the corporate style of your company, with constantly updated information about products and services, with detailed contact information, will certainly be an advantage over competitors.

A business website allows you to:

  • Publish any quantity of goods.
  • Delete and add objects using a management system.
  • Filter products by their parameters.
  • Sort and compare goods.
  • Order in 1 click from product cards.

The main goal of a turnkey website development project is to imagine how a potential buyer would like to see information about your products or services. The catalog of goods must be well-dressed, because your site is the same shop window, only virtual, and as you know, buyers are rare in stores with poor shop windows.

What makes a business website different from other types of web resources

The difference is in the completeness of the provided information and the increased requirements for functionality. Such WEB-resource can contain various functional tools for working with its content: search, photo gallery, portfolio, forum, reviews, voting, cost calculator, various product filters by groups, etc. Most often, they are designed using a management system that allows you to easily change information in the future. And, of course, the corporate style of a company is taken into account, when creating such resources.

Web catalogs differ from online stores in that they may not contain prices, there is no possibility to order goods by using the cart, there is no functionality for making payments. They differ from business card websites in that they have a detailed and multilevel catalog structure with a detailed description of each item.

Who needs a website with a catalog?

A webshop window with a full catalog of goods is something between a corporate office and an online store. А question arises: who needs a project of this type, why some companies, having such a resource, do not develop it into a full-fledged online store.

If a company has a huge range of products that need detailed descriptions, the company itself works in several interrelated industries, then it needs such a resource as a website that contains a multi-level catalog of goods.

Such a multi-level catalog of exclusive products or services are desirable on the web representation, or if the final price of the products depends on many factors and the resource is only to make customers aware of the basic characteristics for further communication with managers.

Some products cannot be sold online, such as machines or factory equipment, especially if additional equipment and individual selection of parts are required. The final price cannot be set for such products in advance.

Optimization, support, and promotion of a web catalog of goods

We will take care of the following parameters of your resource to promote it effectively in search engines.

  • We will make a semantic kernel of search queries.
  • We will cluster queries.
  • We will write unique and high-quality SEO texts.
  • We will place them on the necessary pages.
  • We will carry out an internal optimization of your resource.
  • We will promote in Google on low-, mid-and high-frequency queries.

The project should be attractive to both customers and search engines. They like unique information, a good structure, and user-friendly navigation.

Constant updating and development within the technical support of the site, adding new products and technical documentation, publishing new products will arouse interest in the site from regular and new visitors.

 If you still decide to create an online store of your products or services, you can read about this service here.


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