Creation (development) of mobile applications

Development of mobile applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad), as well as Android and Windows Phone, is an increasingly popular service that we offer. Mobile traffic grows every year. We constantly monitor market changes and trends. This allows us to create unique products and offer innovative solutions.

Ordering a mobile application is a kind of hat trick. Leading brands are well aware of this, they actively implement mobile applications, as well as advertising for their business.
After launching the application, users understand what problem it solves, understand how to use it, as the design and usability of the interface, they return to the application.

Deadline for creating a mobile application: from 2 months.
Development cost: from $5k

How much does it cost to create a mobile application?

This is probably the most common question. This is almost the same as asking “How much is a car” – costs of cars may vary by an order of magnitude even within one brand. However, as for cars, there is a lower limit from which the cost of creating a program begins. The price of developing a mobile application starts from UAH 50,000. Usually, we agree on a fixed price, and our customers are always satisfied with both the conditions and the result. It all depends on what application you need and what services you would like to receive. We carry out a full cycle of development, testing, and guarantee stable operation of your application. You will get good conversion rates for users with any model of smartphone or tablet.

Terms of mobile application development

To find out the cost of creating a mobile application, you need to present the entire functionality of the application. The initial assessment can be made according to the list of requirements, the further assessment is specified based on the prototype and the SOW. The prototype simulates all the screens of the real application, navigation, transitions between screens, and actions on the screens. On average, programming a mobile application takes 2-3 months.

Stages of application development

Developing a mobile application for iOS or Android is a complex technological process that requires careful planning. Preparing a project and creating a prototype application is an integral and very important part of the project, which, just like programming, requires significant labor costs. An agreed list of requirements ensures that we speak the same language and equally understand the result.


At this initial stage, it is extremely important to get a consistent and clear description of what will be created later. We discuss and formalize the idea, suggest the best ways to implement it, and make a list of basic requirements together.

Project development

We create a map that demonstrates all the features of the product and prototypes that display all the screens of the application and the scheme of transitions between them. Depending on the needs, the prototypes can be static or interactive.


We design all screens of the future application and draw different states for all usage scenarios. We subject all elements of the graphical interface to usability research to make sure that the design decisions are ergonomic and allow users to solve their problems effectively.


The process of creating a mobile application consists of three stages, you are involved in the process at each stage and intermediate packages of the application are periodically sent to you for review.


The application is sent to you for testing and verification of compliance with the SOW. The app is installed on your test devices and works exactly as if it had been downloaded from GooglePlay  or the AppStore. All discrepancies and problems found are corrected at this stage.


After the acceptance of the application, it is published on AppStore or GooglePlay . All applications are checked by Google and Apple teams before publication. Admission to GooglePlay  takes no more than a day, the admission process in the AppStore takes at least a week.
After successful publication, we move to the support stage, if necessary. At this stage, we discuss and evaluate the new functionality, and make а Personal Management Plan. Based on the collected data, we make decisions to improve your business performance.

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