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Creating landings is one of the areas of our work. A landing page is a page on the Internet, which aims at converting visitors of your website to your customers with the utmost probability. A correctly created landing page plus contextual advertising represents a powerful tool for advertising your products or services.
The necessary components of a landing page are

  • An effective text.
  • A modern design that corresponds to the company’s mission.
  • Technical reliability and flexibility
  • Usability
  • A call to action that works.

The development time for a landing page: from 10 days.
The development cost of a landing page: from $300

Creating a landing page to promote your products and services on the Internet is considered one of the most effective marketing tools.
Your landing page is your assistant in any advertising campaign. Its main purpose is to draw buyers’ attention to your product or service and to call them to action, i.e. to click “buy”, “order”, “download”, etc. (It all depends on your goals).

You want to order a landing page, but still, weigh the pros and cons?

Then think about the pros of a landing page compared to a site, namely:

  • it focuses users’ attention on a particular product or service;
  • it helps increase conversions from advertising campaigns;
  • it calls users to act, i.e. to click on the “place an order” button;
  • it increases your sales and, consequently, your profits.

Landing page development is now one of the services of many IT companies. These can be developers who specialize only in landing or companies of the so-called full cycle, which are engaged in creating sites.
Most of them offer to order a landing page from scratch. On the plus side, this is an exclusive page created just for your product or service.
You can also buy a ready-made landing page from a standard template. In this case, there is a chance that your competitor may have a similar option, but the cost of template work is lower than the development of an exclusive page.

How the work must be done to meet your expectation and investments?

A page created according to all the rules includes some factors that should be paid special attention to.

  • First, the process of landing is always based on the following rule: one page, one selling point. Trying to tell about several products/services at the same time may confuse users with the information, when browsing your site, and result in them leave it without an order.
  • Second, landing aims at an extreme concretization. For example, if you offer a product at a discount, you should focus users on the discount, but not on the characteristics of the product.

Landing page development: what should be paid attention to?

Several standard elements are always used when creating a landing page. Let’s dwell on them.

Page header

Your landing page should have an effective header. This element gives users information about the content of the page and draws attention. The header should capture the eye, be simple and relevant to users’ queries from a search engine to your page.

Offer description

It should be specifics, without any fluff. The more accurate and truthful is the description of the product or service on your landing page, the better the chance of further users’ actions.

Description of benefits and advantages

Landing works with human conscience. Tell visitors about their benefits and advantages from buying your product or ordering your service compared to those offered by other companies.

Call to action button

A landing page item that invites a visitor to take a specific action, such as filling out a form, ordering a product, or subscribing to a newsletter. As a rule, we choose buttons that associate users with a click when designing such elements. An attractive design of the button is another way to draw attention and to call to action.

Video content and pictures

Bright pictures, photos, or videos of your product are always an added plus to your site. Visitors will appreciate the visual confirmation of the offer.

Posting reviews

Reviews are a necessary element of a quality landing page. By reading reviews of others about your product, users will fortify their confidence in it. Researchers say that feedback with a photo multiplies the effect of trust several times.

Summing up, we want to say that landing is a time-consuming process. This is a page with a brief description of the main benefits of the product, the answer to the question “why do you need it?”. The information is supplemented by reviews. There is always room for a stretch of the imagination, although there are basic rules when designing such a page.


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