Website Search Engine Optimization

Website Search Engine Optimization is possible provided that a website does not contain mistakes, which unfortunately takes place in 80% of the existing web resource. This is the result of the mass production of sites by various companies, individuals, self-taught, who do not have a sufficient understanding of the ever-changing algorithms of Internet search engines.

An internal search engine optimization comprises

Selection and clustering of queries

First of all, a semantic kernel is selected – we will select the keywords which help promote your resource. Queries will contain all the variety of their frequency: high, mid, low. Thus we analyze Internet projects in the TOP on the same basic queries.
We will cluster queries and divide them into groups into the corresponding pages. Each of them, which contains targeted information for users, will correspond to a key phrase or a group of queries.

Code cleaning and validation

Cleaning the site code will be the second stage of internal search engine optimization. This allows reducing the page size, making it friendly for robots and users.

Map and robots.txt settings

A sitemap is compiled so that each page can be ranked well in search. It consists of links to all pages, which the robot indexes. First, visitors get access to the robots.txt file. This file tells you what to do with a page in terms of indexing it.

Linking pages

Competent interlinking elements are an important stage of work when we optimize the internal part of a company’s website for its effective promotion and improvement of ranking. In this way, we focus on selected pages. For low-frequency queries, it is thus possible to bring your resource to the TOP even without links from external donors.

Adaptation for mobile devices

We check that your resource is displayed correctly on all gadgets, devices, and in various browsers. We correct errors of coding and we offer to develop a site with adaptive design, if necessary.

Meta-tag settings

TITLE is a special tag, its competent use can help to bring a web resource to the TOP and increase the number of requests to it. It is used to display titles of pages.
DESCRIPTION is a meta-tag used to display a page description. Search engines typically use its data to form a snippet.

Bringing content to uniqueness and usefulness

The quality of optimization of the internal part of an Internet project is determined, among others, by the presence of useful users and relevant information. We bring the content to a state of uniqueness, make a rewrite, copyright, using previously selected queries in the texts. We monitor the frequency of their inclusion. We add images, diagrams, tables to the texts, supply infographics and use video.

Clear URLs

URLs should give insight into what information is on any page. This is logical and convenient for both users and robots

We recommend using our professional website support, as part of the ongoing service, we perform the full range of work necessary to bring your resource to a leading position.

Pitfalls of internal search engine optimization

Qualification of any site development specialists is at the level of superficial knowledge of programming languages, no more. Therefore, customers usually receive low-quality products. Such developers determine the quality criteria only by appearance (design, screen savers, a large number of flashing advertising banners, counters), while coding allows errors that prevent promotion. There will be no quality assurance, in this case, such developers can offer a low price only.
In general, in this market of services customers decide on a developer by reviewing its “portfolio” (if any), and often choose the lowest price, without thinking about quality. In this sense, creating a website becomes a delusion: everything is OK since the site has been created, stuffed with content (information), and displayed on the Internet. The information, then, is already working.

As a rule, due to their ignorance, customers unknowingly ignores such basic criteria as a well-written code and compliance with the rules of usability. They must not understand such technological nuances, this is the task of developers.
But an inexperienced person can effortlessly understand these nuances. It is enough to find out whether your developer’s “portfolio” contains any projects in the top ten of search engines for key queries (words, phrases). Search engine optimization is fundamental for website promotion.

Those web resources can also serve as an indicator of a quality product, which was created and brought in the TOP 10, and most importantly, those, which were successfully maintained for a long period in these positions (at least one year).

Search engine optimization depends on the specific scope of work. It is desirable to agree on an SOW to order your website optimization.

Duration of works: from 10 days.

The cost depends on the number of pages of your site filled with information.


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