Website promotion by search queries

Website promotion is a set of actions to change the site and its elements to obtain high positions in search results for queries of Internet users.
We offer a full range of services to promote your site online on search queries. We will analyze your site, catch structural and software errors that result in failures and slowdowns. We will help to find out the reasons that complicate its promotion, as well as offer an effective mechanism to make the most of your site.

Our joint efforts will result in the most effective list of search queries to push the site to the Google top 10 (optionally to top 5 and top 3). Next, we focus all our efforts on bringing these requests to the top. The service is prepaid monthly after receiving a monitoring report of the positions of the site.

Send us your website URL and a list of search queries to push your site to the TOP of search engines and we will establish the budget and calculate the time of promotion.

Who needs search engine promotion

Keyword promotion is relevant to sites of the following types:

  • For companies rendering accounting, legal, training, construction services;
  • Resources, which have a relatively small target audience and offer a limited set of goods or services;
  • Consisting of several or several dozen pages (for example, business card sites);
  • For organizations seeking to raise the credibility of their resources.

What results can be expected when using keyword promotion

Website high-frequency request promotion (ordering a taxi, installing windows) will take from six months, medium-frequency request promotion (ordering a taxi in London, installing windows in London) will take from 3 to 6 months, and low-frequency request promotion (ordering a taxi with a child seat in London, the price of installing windows in an attic) will take up to 2 months.

Results of the promotion

  • The site is on the first places in search results;
  • The growing popularity of your company;
  • Increasing the number of visitors to the web resource.

The results are expected

The first results are expected about one or two months after finalizing the site. But the speed of promotion of a particular resource by position depends on several factors:

  • The level of competition in your subject;
  • Time of site creation and its technical condition (the older the resource, the faster you can promote it);
  • Technical condition of the resource (how competently the site was written from the point of view of optimization);
  • Type of key queries (it will take more time to promote the resource on HF queries than to promote on LF queries).

Further site support

This is the maintaining and improvement of the site’s position in search results. This work is also important with growing competition in the field of online advertising. Site promotion is inertial. This means that you will be at the TOP for some time even without supporting your site. But it will take extra time and effort to get back once competitors push your site out. It is always easier to keep what you have than to return what you have lost.

Pros and cons of search engine promotion


You can monitor the effectiveness of promotion using monthly monitoring reports. It should be noted that the agreed list of requests is rather a checklist. Competent promotion results in transitions to your site not only on these but also on many other similar requests from the context of your site.


Your target audience is not so large when using other promotion approaches. The possibilities of the Internet are limitless in promoting business information, but it is short-sighted and naive to expect an effective return in receiving any dividends from a poorly created web resource along with growing competition and billions of pages of new information on the Internet.

The high-quality site code, including the latest technologies, allows the site to successfully advance in Internet search engines and reach a wider audience, which helps popularise the site and its content, resulting in constant multiplication of visitors.

After all, the site should strengthen your image not only by its actual presence on the Internet, but it should work as an effective exhibition, accessible to all at any time, which draws in more and more visitors. Only in this case, it makes sense to spend money to develop a site.
Otherwise, the benefit will be just a line of reference on the business card and golden dreams, that’s all. And we are not surprised with that pessimism about the possibilities of promoting a business on the Internet, which now exists among the owners of such quality resources…

A multifaceted approach is a key to success in website promotion

Website promotion is the most rewarding and effective way to increase your monthly business profits by driving traffic to your company’s website by switching from search engines. Regardless of the direction of your company, bringing it to the top 10 search engines guarantees multiple increases in revenue. Instant results should not be expected, but there are projected deadlines that vary and directly depend on the region or location of the product being promoted and the competitiveness of the business. Today, website SEO promotion is the fastest way to bring your site to the top 10! To achieve maximum results, promotion work is carried out comprehensively.


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