Website audit

A website audit is a full analysis, which helps understand the true current state of a resource as well as to take measures to improve it. This is an important tool able to determine what the web resource needs with relation to its effective promotion and to make it as friendly as possible for search engines.

Website audit should be the first step at the beginning of website promotion and advertising of the resource on the Internet.
This work is carried out in the following areas:

  • Express website analysis is a simplified website check. Detected errors are recorded during the analysis, and recommendations are given to correct them.
  • Usability is an assessment of user-friendliness. The following parameters are considered in this case: website navigation, content, design, and other parameters that may alienate users.
  • SEO audit. This audit checks a website for critical errors and determines a correct semantic kernel with relation to its promotion. Research is conducted on the quality and quantity of external links, as well as a comparative analysis of competitors’ websites. Based on all the collected data, main pages are determined to promote the website, as well as written recommendations, are given to protect “unnecessary” pages from indexing by search engines.
  • Technical audit is website trouble-shooting to improve its operation and promotion.

A comprehensive audit of web resources

So, imagine: you ordered to set up a website, you affected the desired result, you became familiarized with the control system and other technical nuances. However, how do you know if your website catches the eye of potential customers? Has an SEO optimization been carried out? Can potential customers find your website easily? A service such as a comprehensive site audit will help you check these and other issues.

Our company conducts comprehensive research of web projects including the following stages of web analysis:

  1. A comprehensive analysis of a client’s base, its relevance on the Internet by forming specific tasks of its web product, marketing goals of its business as a whole.
  2. Google Analytics is implemented as a web analytics service.
  3. A visitor interviewing system is connected, as well as relevant data are collected for the website analysis.
  4. Top websites are analyzed among your direct competitors to adopt key techniques.
  5. The audience of your website is analyzed: traffic sources are considered, trends are analyzed in your website traffic, main sources of the audience are identified by geographical, demographic, and other criteria, the most loyal audience is determined.
  6. Usability research is conducted, i.e. identification of ineffective pages of the website, as well as reasons are found for its inefficiency and a list of recommendations is made to modernize unfinished pages.
  7. The current level of internal website optimization is analyzed for search engines, appropriate methods of correction and development are decided to address existing shortcomings.
  8. The current semantic kernel is analyzed, which can be expanded in case of insufficient development.
  9. The graphic and textual content of the website is analyzed as well for its relevance to potential customers.
  10. Technological analysis is carried out of the site: a quality audit of programming and layout in general, fault detection in case of high traffic, download speed, and availability of website pages.

As a result of such a comprehensive audit of your website, you get:

  • an implemented web analytics system;
  • a detailed report containing information about all analyzed aspects of your website, detailing all the measures necessary to successfully develop your web resource;
  • a statement of work aimed at modernization of your website.

The results of the comprehensive audit of your web page will help you understand where to focus, what will boost your website rating, and finally to get the long-awaited return from your web project, which initial and main goal is to meet the eye of a wide audience of prospects.

Why you need a professional SEO audit and site analysis

Many websites have big and small problems, but resource owners do not even try to understand why their websites have low traffic or low conversion, search engines do not pay attention to your website, and, most importantly, where the considerable budget is spent for internal optimization and search engine promotion. What do you need to do to forget about these problems? The answer to the surprise is simple: you have to order an SEO audit and analysis of your website from an experienced specialist.
It will help to:

  • Significantly improve indexing your website pages.
  • Return top positions in search results.
  • Increase traffic to the Internet resource.
  • Perform correct internal website optimization for key queries.
  • Competently manage the budget for the search promotion of your resource.

Why you should order our website search audit

Numerous agencies, studios, and companies compete to offer clients a professional audit of their websites. The price for this service directly depends on the name of a provider and is in the range from $100 to $2000 and more. The quality of the service is in no way related to the name of the provider. After all, the same tools, online resources, and special applications are used to carry out an audit or a comprehensive analysis. Therefore, it makes no practical sense to overpay for this, in fact, the standard type of service. Just order a professional SEO audit and website analysis in PBB design at a good price and see the benefits of this service.

Cost of website SEO audits and quality analyses

You may ask: how much does your professional website audit cost? The cost of our service starts from $500. The cost of an SEO analysis depends on the complexity of this work, which takes at least 20 hours for each website as well as on its content and complexity. If you are interested in search engine promotion in addition to auditing, please, read more about this service here.


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