Contextual advertising – setting up and conducting

Contextual advertising will help you to quickly start an advertising campaign in Ukraine, or any other region. We will help you set it up and conduct it. Good-looking ads with a high CTR are the key to your potential customers’ hearts. We will not write standard phrases about an individual approach and a deep understanding of the advertising industry. After all, the result is important to you, namely the achievement of your goals, which is what our work is aimed at.

Want to bring a new product or service to market? Invest in contextual advertising – a tool that helps quickly advertise your product, make it recognizable in the market through bright ads and their high position in the search.

Increasing sales is one of the main tasks. Contextual advertising is an effective channel for attracting target users who are looking for a solution to their problem, ready to choose and buy right now. Give people a chance to meet your company.
It takes 1 day to run an advertising campaign. Every customer gets hit with a question

How much will my contextual advertising cost?

We’ll estimate your ad campaign budget for you based on your business and ad serving region. You can order this forecast via email or the feedback form. Don’t forget to specify a resource for advertising (your site URL or Facebook page).

How does contextual advertising work?

  1. A customer wants to buy a product or order a service, and he falls back on the search.
  2. He writes a request in search, which you can satisfy.
  3. He sees your ad, which is useful to him.
  4. He clicks on the proposed ad, getting to a page of your site where the product is presented.

Key features of contextual advertising

  • Contextual advertising quickly highlights your competitive advantages;
  • It instantly increases the number of visitors;
  • It increases brand awareness in the market;
  • It provokes profit growth by attracting targeted traffic and increasing sales.

Thematic contextual advertising

Leading search engines have extensive networks of resources that have become partners. These sites may serve your ads if they are in the interest of the target audience:

  • YAN (Yandex Advertising Network) from Yandex Direct;
  • AdWords from Google offers placement on the Google Display Network (Contextual Media Network or CMN).

Using these features allows your ads to be noticed by users who visit thematic resources. The systems determine the topic of the site’s pages and form a list of ads based on the data. Prerequisite: The text of an ad must match the information on the page. If you sell cars, users will see your ad on pages related to this topic.

What does the price of contextual advertising consist of

The cost is formed at an auction-based on the bid of the key request. The bid is the maximum cost-per-click of an ad that satisfies the advertiser. The most favorable position of the ad depends on how high it is. The cost of conversions can vary and depends on many factors. These include the size of the bids of direct and indirect competitors, the use of a special system to adjust the cost of clicks, etc.

How we work:

  • We analyze the advertising campaigns of your competitors, evaluate their activity by the number of requests.
  • We make a semantic kernel of the site and provide a strategy for spending the budget.
  • Contextual advertising is set up by our turnkey specialists in Lviv using the Adwords system.
  • We create optimized ads for contextual advertising for each group of key queries.
  • We control the cost of contextual advertising and offer options to optimize your advertising budget.
  • You will be able to control your advertising campaign and the cost.
  • We will present a detailed report at the end of each stage.

Pros and cons of contextual advertising

Contextual advertising can be both a great helper and a costly pastime if you don’t choose your contractor wisely.

Pros of contextual advertising

It starts working from the very beginning

A contextual advertising campaign starts working as soon as you launch it.  Targeted ad impression begins immediately for interested users in search and on other sites; users visit the site and become buyers.

Fast result

It is not quite correct to compare contextual advertising and SEO: these are different works, and sometimes they are based on different principles. The output speed is one of the critical differences between contextual advertising and SEO: search engine optimization provides a delayed result and contextual advertising results in visits, calls, and sales immediately. To appeal to search engines, your site must have relevant content, be free from technical errors, usable, with a reference profile and high behavioral performance, etc., which, certainty, takes time.
Of course, there are special requirements for contextual advertising, and campaign development requires knowledge and effort to set it up competently and efficiently (otherwise the money will be spent for nothing), but launching a campaign is faster than making the site attractive to search engines.

Transparency and clarity of payment

You always know what you pay for (traffic, clicks, impressions), payments are completely transparent. You know the bid, you know the cost of a click, you choose the traffic you want to get from your ad, you allocate the amount for your advertising budget. Google AdWords has detailed statistics for all campaigns, as well as an analytic system, which is called Google Analytics and allows you to analyze the results of campaigns up to a user request and a site from which goods were purchased or services ordered.
For example, if your campaign is set to ‘Call’ (that is, users must call you when they click on your ad), the analytics will show how many such targeted visits were made (that is, how many users called the number listed on the site).

Wide coverage

Contextual advertising is intended for a specific and interested audience, and this should reduce the reach, but you can attract users not only from search engines because of the diversity of sites where your ads are placed.

Selection of your target audience

As an advertiser, you decide for whom your ads are intended and where to place them. Setup and control systems have a lot of filters that help bring your target audience closer to 100%. For example, you can always specify the city of a user should be, his age, the language in which his request is, and even the type of device.

Cons of contextual advertising

It is expensive

Contextual advertising occupies the first 4 positions in the search network and is followed by organic results (conditionally free).

The highest percentage of clickability is in the block with contextual advertising, because it is higher and most attractive to users (ads with extensions i.e. descriptions to quick links can be displayed on the 1st position, soon there will be stencils, which will show ads with pictures, prices, etc.). But high rates do not come cheap: you have to pay for each click, the cost of a click is very high in some highly competitive topics.

Complex setup and regular maintenance

Of course, setting up and running campaigns can be done by one person – a specialist in contextual advertising, who does not need programmers, optimizers, and copywriters. But this does not mean that setting up an advertising campaign is easy. Because its development includes:

  • strategy development (how to distribute requests by campaigns, how many, which campaigns will work, create a display schedule);
  • making a semantic kernel, grouping queries, selecting negative keywords to cut off non-targeted traffic;
  • writing headings and texts, placing UTM-tags, clarifications, etc.;
  • filling campaigns in the account, setting up, adding bid adjustments;
  • campaigning (analysis of campaign statistics, daily adjustment of bids, adding negative phrases, removing ineffective phrases from campaigns, adding new phrases, removing ineffective sites).

High competition in some topics

Some topics have more competitors than others (e.g., accounting and legal services, real estate). Also, the CPC is formed based on the results of an auction and the first position is occupied by the ad with the maximum advertiser’s bid for a click. Therefore, many competitors set not only extremely high requirements for the quality and relevance of ads but high bids and cost-per-clicks.


It’s a pay-off for instant launch and fast results. The campaign stops at the same time when the button is turned off and the budget is over.

It s your choice: contextual advertising, organic promotion, or a combination of them. If you need help, please, contact us. We provide a full range of services for site promotion and customization, contextual advertising, pre-estimating the cost of an advertising campaign on your topic.


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