Website development for Sparing-Vist

High-quality professional radio equipment from well-known world manufacturers

The activities of Sparing-Vist Company are professional radio communication and GPS monitoring of transport and personnel. The company contacted us to upgrade its website.
The old website was no longer subject to redesign and therefore it was decided to develop a new one. The main tasks were:

  • to improve the appearance and informativeness of the website, so that the company and its products compare favorably with those of competitors;
  • to adjust the line of the website, to focus on several groups of products and services;
  • to provide comfortable viewing on any type of device to reach mobile audiences.

Executed work

Some of the information had to be moved from the old website to the new one. First of all, we had to keep the company logo, when preparing a fresh design. The sections of the website were restructured from scratch because it was important to allow navigating as user-friendly as possible.

The home page was changed many times to find its final form. The customer liked the concept at once, but he came up with new ideas for presenting the product, and this was reflected in the graphic elements when developing the website.

As a result, a new modern website was created that met the requirements of search engines. The resource is adapted for mobile devices and tablets, provides complete information about the company, its services and allows visitors to find the necessary information and place orders quickly. The website development and modifications took 2 months.


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