Why does a company need its domain?

  • Easy to remember the site address. A potential customer or future business partner will quickly recognize the short address of the site, seeing it on a business card, hearing in a commercial, etc. In addition, each visitor to your site, if desired or necessary, can share information with their friends and colleagues, dictating his address by phone.
  • Fast web search. When searching for your company, any Internet user will first try to type the address www.company.ua or www.company.com – so it is best if you register such a domain. If funds allow, it is best to register multiple domains with different, most likely spellings of your company name, both full and abbreviated. Otherwise, such domains can be taken over by your competitors, which will harm your company.
  • The solidity of the company. Internet users perceive the absence of the company’s domain name on the company’s website as a lack of funds to purchase it or its frivolous attitude to modern technologies. Customers will be reluctant to visit a site with a long, complex name, especially if it is registered on free hosting. Therefore, many companies buy separate domain addresses for different departments, brands, and in some cases, for specific products.
  • Independence from the provider. The absence of the Internet provider’s name in your site’s address allows you to leave it unchanged when switching to another provider. Therefore, it keeps unchanged and any links to your site from any other resources on the Internet. In addition, Web users who visit the site will easily find it in a week or a month in the same “place”.
  • Creating a company mail server. By registering a domain name, you can also order a virtual mail server and create a corporate email address for each employee of the type [email protected]

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