Why do you need website technical support?

After developing the website, most customers ask whether I need to order technical support or regular maintenance of the resource? Website support is a service that consists in their care and service. Most company executives believe that website maintenance is an unnecessary luxury. This was the case 10 years ago, as websites primarily develop on HTML code. Now the situation has changed: technologies are increasing – they need to be updated and refined, there are various threats to the website, which competitors do not neglect, hackers make money by capturing sites.

Is it possible to refuse technical support?

The website, developed by experts, will work, but only until the software update on the server and the software code becomes obsolete. In an era of rapid technological development, this is happening quite quickly – in about three years. The structure and size of the website code are essential today. Particular attention pay to the speed of loading the website and ease of use on mobile devices. Previously, no one paid attention to such indicators, but today it is necessary to regularly conduct software updates to the website, update-modules, improve security. Many websites of well-known companies were attacked and did not always have time to respond in time, were inaccessible, and lost credibility. But if they are still allowed to do so, it can be excruciating for small businesses and corporate websites.

Types of technical support

1) Information support

This is keeping the information on the website up to date, adding and updating it. Usually, the service is in demand for ample resources with a lot of information that needs to enter the website – it’s online stores, online publications, and magazines, just information websites. When there are many articles and product cards, and it will take a lot of time to fill them on your own, it makes sense to turn to us for help and get a quality result much faster.

2) Content support

Today, the quality of content has a crucial role in ranking a website. Competent content of the website increases the conversion of the resource, attracts additional traffic. The website is the first tool for interaction with customers. Most users immediately pay attention to the date of news updates and the frequency of their publications – because it is an indicator that the resource monitor, so the information on it is relevant. If nothing has an update for a long time, trust falls, and it can conclude that the resource is already dead rather than alive. No one will place an order on a website where the pages contain outdated information.

Such support includes:

  • constant updating of content (news, articles, etc.);
  • writing SEO texts for the website;
  • maintaining the relevance of materials;
  • updating information in catalogs;
  • update graphic information or add it.

3) Technical support of the website

Invisible to the average user, but the most important. Such support is more complicated than all the others, requires specific knowledge and skills. Sometimes minor technical glitches can lead to very unpredictable situations. The contractor must fix everything without the slightest loss and in the shortest possible time. Otherwise, the company may suffer significant losses. Such work is not easy and requires great mental effort.

What we offer:

  • restore access
  • quick elimination of all errors
  • virus removal
  • elimination of “backdoor” for attackers
  • copying data in case something happens to the website
  • hosting and domain name control
  • checking the website for errors
  • checking broken (non-working) links and their elimination
  • close cooperation with hosting support in case of disputes and errors.

Website maintenance is mainly to maintain the efficiency and accessibility of the website. If the pages load slowly or give a 404 error when you go to the website, the functions do not work – all this leads to a loss of positions in search results, which in turn leads to a decrease in traffic and number of customers. Programmers must check the website for such parameters in advance and eliminate errors in case of problems.

4) Individual works

In addition to standard tasks, there are non-standard ones that involve changing the website. Sometimes the customer needs to change the functionality, add new pages, feedback forms, calculators, or other specific features. If you are not in service, you need to involve a specialist who developed the website or is well versed in the management system, which is time, money, nerves …

Advantages of technical support

  • Systematic code updates will allow the resource to run smoothly. The updated code also increases the security of the website. If you do not correct it, there will be a software conflict over time, and the website will stop working correctly.
  • Competent filling of information. All information on the website should be valuable and exciting for the reader and optimized for search engines. Here you need to involve copywriters and professionals who will post the content and monitor its updating.
  • Protection information. The website will be configured so that in case of data loss they can restore. Also, all information will be protected from hacker attacks, viruses.

That is why technical support of the website is necessary. The only question is who will do it – you or not. By contacting us, you will receive a help from team of professionals who will be able to close these problems together at a reasonable price.


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