Why do we need a website?

Imagine that you have recently opened your own company. You have qualified staff, huge potential, and excellent opportunities to implement their activities. Now it’s up to the customers. So you need people to know about you, and preferably as many as possible.

In this case, the best solution to this problem may be to create your website. Before starting a new website, many ask why you need a website and do you need it at all? Maybe it’s worth doing an ad in the newspaper? It may be worth it, but then you lose the many benefits that the site gives you.

To begin with, let’s define: what a site is and why this word has been heard more and more often lately.

A site is a set of tens, hundreds, and even thousands of web pages connected by a single theme, general design, and links. It is an information unit representing a company or an individual, accessible from anywhere in the world. And also, one of the modern means of information transfer, a means of communication, and, finally, an advertising product that provides excellent opportunities to find and attract customers.
для чого потрібний сайт

The site as a means of transmitting information and type of communication

The primary purpose of the site is to provide information. It would seem that there are many other ways of transmitting data in the world. Why use this one? It is simply the most effective. What is its effectiveness?

  • First, due to the insane speed of the Internet, more and more people are being drawn into the use of Internet technologies and resources. If you survey “Do you need the Internet?”, 62% of the population will give an affirmative answer, and many of them will say that they can no longer imagine their lives without its use, as without a TV or telephone. Therefore, it is not surprising that with the help of the site, more potential customers learn about you than from the newspaper.
  • Second, the information you put on the site is immediately visible to your customers. The sooner your customer gets the information, the sooner he will decide that he needs to contact you, and the sooner he will do it. Your site is a perfect way to express yourself.

The site as an advertising product

We usually perceive advertising as something negative. Endless commercials that appear on the screens of our TVs every day, few people enjoy. But in reality, without advertising, modern society is quite difficult to imagine. And no matter how critical we are about it, advertising can improve the influx of customers and thus enhance the development of your business. The main thing is to approach this question correctly. And for this, you need to structure the information and know what you want to convey to others.

We will give some definitions:

Advertising – is an open notification of goods, services, which is carried out using various means: individual publications (brochures, catalogs, posters, leaflets), periodicals (articles, ads, tabs), movies, television, radio, outdoor, direct mail advertising.

The site is all of the above together. This direction aims to develop and increase the return of the Internet project maximally, to increase the number of users, respectively potential and actual customers.

Advertising is the “engine of trade”. The site is the engine of your company, responsible for its promotion.

And promotion is usually called a set of measures aimed at attracting the audience’s attention to the site and, consequently, increasing its traffic and increasing the site’s position in various rankings. The site, along with other sources of information, best meets all the above requirements. In addition, the credibility of information about your activities depends on you, because creating a site, you determine what and how it will place it, unlike newspapers.

You can use many ways to promote the site:

  • different types of traditional advertising;
  • electronic mailings;
  • banner displays;
  • placement of information on other sites;
  • exchange of links, buttons, banners.

According to their functions and properties, sites are business cards, e-shops, information sites, corporate offices, portals, enterprise management systems.

  • A promo site is usually a simple site that contains general information about the company and the services provided. Short and compact, just like your promo website.
  • Online store – a site designed to sell goods and services over the Internet. As a rule, it contains a product catalog, price lists, order system.
  • Information sites contain many articles by different authors and services such as polls, voting, newsletters — mostly non-commercial type.
  • Corporate representation – this type of site, as a rule, automate the company’s activities. Can carry such functions as an electronic magician in, ordering system, communication services, electronic document exchange, online negotiations, etc.
  • A portal is a vast web resource that is designed to form a community of people with specific interests. The portal can combine many different services and allow customers to purchase goods, partners, and information exchange.

Another strong proof in favor of creating a site is that the site is a modern and relevant means of providing information and applications about yourself. Having your website nowadays is the rule of good manners and the key to success in the development of your business.

A properly designed site attracts new customers and is a much more effective and cost-effective tool than outdoor advertising. The site automates the work of the company and saves employees time. It allows you to keep potential customers informed about new products and events.


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