White, gray and black methods of website promotion

Search for “Site Promotion” and you are sure to find companies or specific optimizers that promise you a quick result. You will also find information about “special” methods, secret techniques that give a quick and high-quality result.
And, of course, the final chord, the exorbitant price for such efficient services.

Let’s look at promotion methods in more detail

Website promotion is aimed primarily at increasing site traffic, attracting target users, and as a result – increase sales on your site. To do this, first, analyze the site and its target audience.

The main strategy is to focus on the audience, not on search engines. After all, a site is created for people, goods and services are also for people, and the end-user of the site is also a person.

Therefore, promoting the site of the human factor plays a crucial role. If you ignore this rule, sooner or later the site will fall under the search engine filter and it will no longer be visible to users, ie your audience.

There are three main categories of site promotion methods – black, gray, and white methods.

White methods are considered

  • Creating unique content, high quality and useful primarily to users
  • Domain name selection: a good domain name should be well remembered, be short and logical, ie somehow related to the subject of the site
  • Search engine optimization in search engines, taking into account the requirements and features of these systems
  • Adequate methods of advertising: articles, press releases
  • Registration in white catalogs, preferably thematic
  • Newsletters are thematic, but not outright spam.

The use of white methods will not give such a rapid rise in the top of search engines as black or gray. Progress is quite slow. On average, it takes from 6 months to 1-2 years, depending on the available budget. But the main thing is, of course, the result.

Thanks to white methods, the site receives thematic traffic, steadily growing in rankings. On average, site promotion by white methods will cost from $ 500 – $ 2000 during the main promotion period. In the future, you just need to maintain the achieved result.

чорне сео

Black methods of site promotion

The name of the method speaks for itself. Black site promotion methods are prohibited methods. These include all the “adored” search and email spam, the use of doorways (redirect sites), invisible text on the pages. When trying to change the result of a site’s ranking in a search engine, some optimizers also use methods of link exchange, automatic link exchange, or link cemeteries. Black methods attract more people to the site, but they do not increase sales, as the audience is not targeted.

Simply put, black site promotion is a direct path to a blacklist. Of course, using such methods, you can quickly get into the top search engines, but you will also quickly get out of it.

The promotion period by these methods is on average three weeks, then your site will be banned, ie the site will be excluded from the list of search results. The system will either determine that you are using prohibited methods, or your competitors will report it. But as a result, you not only do not earn but also lose a lot, as to get out of the ban is very, very difficult.

If you are promoting the site yourself, then you know what methods you can use. If you are going to apply for services to the company, then ask how it carries out promotion. Our company uses only white methods of promotion and search engine optimization. We do not promise a quick effect, because we know what methods it is achieved.

The most common methods of black promotion also include the so-called redirects-doorways, a huge number of pages with keywords, cheating index citation and “ranking” (PR), and some others.

The speed of achieving the desired result and profitability make black promotion very popular. Knowing all the possible consequences of black and white techniques, the responsibility falls entirely on you.

Gray methods of site promotion

The responsibility for the use of gray methods lies entirely with the customer. It is impossible to say that the gray method is forbidden, but it cannot be attributed to legal methods either. An example of such a method is buying links on home pages.
Yes, it is a purchase.

It is clear that artificially increasing the number of links is a forbidden method. But since it is difficult to prove that the links are purchased, the method belongs to the categories warns of gray. Ideally, links appear due to good content.

Let’s say you have a good site, quality content, useful information. In this case, other sites will themselves put links to your site as an authoritative and useful resource to help users. But this is an ideal option, and you need to work hard to get such links.

Black and gray methods attract visitors to the site, but these visitors are usually not the target audience. The person goes to the site, sees that it is not what he was looking for, and leaves. The benefits of such traffic are small.

Among the gray methods are:

  • Visitor Exchange: The system works in such a way that visitors from other sites come to your site every 20-30 minutes, and you respond to their sites in response. At the same time, no one reads the site and does not order any services. It’s just an artificial method of raising traffic. In the search engine due to traffic, you can also rise to the top, but again, this is not targeted traffic.
  • Virtually all methods of artificially increasing the citation index: only in the case of explicit spam can you prove that the links do not appear exactly for the site.

White methods of site promotion

The use of white methods is the best option because the risk is minimized. Instead of buying links from the main pages, you can buy advertising space on a similar site and place ads there. This will not only give you the required number of links but will provide the target audience. As a result, you will be able to raise sales from your site. This, in principle, is the ultimate goal of site promotion: the site brings money – so it works.

Real site rating

To determine the real rating of the site, we recommend, first of all, analyzing the content of the site. How useful information is offered to users, or a user-friendly site to use. Then compare your analysis with the site’s search engine rankings. So you get a real picture of what methods the site is promoted. The inconvenient and meaningless site can not get to the top. Which, unfortunately, often happens through the use of prohibited methods.

To promote your site, you need to know which methods to use, which will give a positive result, and which are better to avoid, otherwise, all the work done will be in vain. As in any business, you can do your job well, and you can cheat, try to circumvent the rules, and temporarily make more money. Temporarily! Sooner or later the deception will be revealed.


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