Which is more profitable: website promotion by query or traffic promotion?

Which is more profitable: website promotion by query or traffic promotion?

Before we talk about the prices for website promotion, let’s find out what you have to pay. There are several types of promotion: traffic, requests (positions), leads, etc., respectively, and payment will also be different.

The most popular is the promotion of traffic and requests, they will discuss.

Website traffic promotion: pros and cons

The task of traffic promotion is to bring as much targeted traffic to the website as possible.

Traffic promotion usually uses for significant resources, portals, online stores with a wide range. A large number of low-frequency requests (500-100000) select for traffic promotion. Thus, each request “will bring to your website from 1 to 300 visitors.

Traffic promotion pros: for promotion, it is often enough to optimize the website and adjust the content to a vast number of low-frequency queries – the bulk of the money spent will go to it. On the downside: be prepared that for the same reason, the cost of one customer involved may be higher than you thought.

And the conversions may not always target. It is is one of the significant disadvantages. You will get traffic, but the economic benefits will remain in question. Therefore, carefully analyze all the requests for which you are going to drive traffic.

Site promotion by queries (by keywords)

For small websites, websites with a narrow theme or a limited budget, keyword promotion is more appropriate. More about it here.

Problem № 1 in such a promotion – to go for specific queries to visible positions.

Of the pros:
  • More targeted traffic will come to the website.
  • It is easier to evaluate the results of the work of specialists, a clearer and more transparent scheme of work.
  • Low cost of website optimization and, as a consequence, cheaper cost of attracting a customer.
Of the minuses:
  • At advancement on positions, the result is reached longer – from 2 to 6 months.
  • The number of advancing requests is much smaller (20-200, mostly medium-frequency requests).
  • High dependence on search engine algorithms. Google launched Penguin, and the website was promoted by buying links – start all over again. So choose companies that offer only white SEO.

What is more profitable – website promotion on traffic or inquiries?

The cost of promotion depends on many factors:

  • subject;
  • competition;
  • region;
  • the current state of the website, etc.

Before advancing on traffic, it will be necessary to optimize and process all websites to advance positions deeply. Basic optimization will be enough.

In the vast majority, you will ask to leave a request to calculate the cost of promotion for the exact calculation of the price.

Most companies offer an individual approach. You will get the result, but you will most likely not know what actions made with the website. Therefore, before promoting, specify what exactly will do with the website (if optimized, which pages, for which queries, how exactly, etc.) and in what form will provide a report.

For each project, you need to choose your type of promotion based on the website’s goals and branch of activity. It is impossible to say unequivocally which kind of promotion is better: both have their advantages and disadvantages. But there is another option …

Another approach

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