Which hosting is the cheapest?

The site is ready, and now the author has a task – to buy hosting for him. Here he will be delegated within 24 hours. As you know, there are many hosting companies. Most owners try to choose the cheapest deals. But, it is worth knowing that cheap hosting, in many cases, can have its downsides.

A rare phenomenon – cheap hosting and high quality

There is a lot of competition among companies that provide disk space on the server. As a rule, prices for services are all average. It is understandable because everyone wants to attract customers and the low price is one of the best advantages. But the price can not constantly fall lower and lower. After all, the profit will be small, and the company may lose. So, seeing the offer: the cheapest hosting, you should not immediately try to use it. After all, no one knows what disadvantages it has.

Frequent disadvantages of cheap hosting

For example, it is worth saying what consequences the owner may face with a minus sign, choosing to host cheap. They are as follows:

  • dangerous site operation. Servers are needed to ensure that the website is online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Otherwise, the resource may appear for a few hours in the evening;
  • unauthorized placement of advertising on sites. It is the prerogative of those servers where hosting is free. But cheap hosting does not mind making money on it without notifying the owner of the resource;
  • old equipment and low speed. Servers are constantly being upgraded. If this is an old model and there are thousands of websites, then the rate of working with them decreases. Prolonged page load is the reason most users leave resources.

Is there cheap and reliable hosting?

It is noteworthy, but cheap quality hosting is still possible. However, it is usually difficult to find suggestions about him. Well-known companies that have established themselves or brand new companies, in honor of the anniversary of opening, and for other reasons, make significant discounts – up to 70 percent. Real luck to find such an offer. After all, you can use the money saved to develop the site, promote, or extend the server’s lease.


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