What not to do when promoting a website?

You should not start promoting a website with a third-level domain name (for example, forum.website.com) or lower if the second-level domain (website.com) does not belong to you. Little can happen with the second-level domain where your website locate.

It can sell, transfer closed hosting located on the same domain, close specifically your website. And all your efforts will be in vain.

Don’t spam:

  • Search engines. Any action aimed at misinformation (deception) of the search engine to improve the position of your website in search results.
  • Forums. Mentioning your website is not in the topic and in places not intended for this purpose on the platform.
  • Bulletin boards. Too many ads on the same resource. Placement of the advertisement in the inappropriate category.
  • They are sending spam via email. These are mass mailings of letters, mainly of an advertising nature, to addresses whose owners did not express their desire to receive these mailings.
  • You should not participate in “aggressive” active promotion systems. You will not get interested visitors to your website in this way. People will watch your website because they get paid for it and whether they will at all. Often surfing (browsing websites) is automatic, and at this time, the user can do anything, even sleep. All it will give you is just cheating the counter. By the way, your website can exclude from many rankings for promotion in this way.
  • You should not place a huge number of links and buttons on the main page of the website. First, you are unlikely to get much traffic from these buttons. Second, many buttons on the page slow down its loading and scare away visitors rather than attract them.
  • It is not recommended to exchange links on principle: “the more, the better”. If you think this will increase your citation index (TIC), you are wrong. With which websites can you exchange links? Well, first, with websites close to you on the subject. Second, with websites that have a second-level domain. Third, with websites whose traffic is not much less than yours. Well, etc. in that spirit.
  • Don’t rely too much on advertising. Money runs out sooner or later, and visitors will not come to you anymore if they are not interested in anything on your website.

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