What is banner advertising? How it works?

Banner advertising is a graphic image, the primary purpose of promoting a particular area of ​​services or goods. The banner can look like text or image, moving or static. Like other types of advertising, the banner sends the user of the resource to a specific website and thus increases the popularity of the advertised content.

How banner advertising works

Media, banner advertising has long been a constant companion for every Internet user. Previously, advertising present in a rather primitive irritating form. At the moment, the approach has changed. This has led to the dynamics of the effectiveness of this area of ​​website promotion.

The primary purpose of banner advertising is to increase traffic to the Internet resource. Web banners link to the website and inform customers about the arrival of goods and new products. Most media advertising has an interactive form, i.e., the meaning of the transition to the banner to click on it. Direct employers place advertisements. They choose to host high-traffic websites. Sites should have useful and interesting content. In addition, when choosing a website to publish a banner, you need to consider the fact that the content of the website and, accordingly, the interests of readers were related to the theme of the banner.

Advantages of banner advertising

A number of its advantages can explain the incredible popularity of banner advertising. Including:

  • Growing brand awareness, brand. It is impossible not to notice the bright image on the page with the brand name, so readers unknowingly put this picture in their heads.
  • Large audience. If you choose the right Internet website for placement, the high traffic from the banner will not take long.
  • Fast result. Visitors to the website in the first minutes of publication see a banner ad.
  • Display advertising is easy to manage. Online, you can change the content of your ad and track its traffic.

Disadvantages of banner advertising

  • Placing banner advertising has a considerable cost. Media promotion requires investment.
  • Rapid loss of interest in the banner. Advertising quickly bores users, and its updating takes time and investment.

Where you can place banner ads

The maximum effect of banner advertising will be guaranteed if it places in the most powerful search engines like Google. Each of them is a media complex, which includes a large number of websites on various topics.

In addition, thematic websites and social networks use to publish banners.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of media advertising?

  • Don’t count on sales. The exception is if you have cheap goods that are bought impulsively. The second exception – you managed to get into a hot audience right now, ready to buy (it’s complicated).
  • Ask the user to perform any action on the page. Banal – give your email; excellent – to take part in a game or other virtual activity. The interest of visitors can judge by the number of actions performed. The number of users returned after the campaign also indicates the degree of interest.
  • Indirect signs of a successful media campaign (actually, for what everything start) – the growth of direct and branded traffic, increasing the ratio of transactions. But the exact impact of a particular campaign on the increase in brand traffic is almost impossible to determine, because it is influenced by many factors, including those that can not be recorded.

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