What is affected by the cost of SEO? The price of website promotion

What determines the price of website promotion. Is it worth saving on SEO? How much is website promotion? Read detailed answers to these questions in this article.

Getting in the top 10 of Google on high-frequency queries attracts any website owner. And everyone knows that for his website to appear on the first page of the most popular search engines, there are two ways:

  • invest in website promotion;
  • order website advertising in search results.

Suppose the advertising price determine by the advertising campaign’s budget and the number of search queries. In that case, assessing the cost of services to promote the website is much more difficult. Unlike advertising, for SEO, it should be understood that there is no universal and unique tool to put search queries, specify a bid per click on them, and guaranteed to get on the first page of Google.

Before answering the question “What is affected by the price of SEO” – let’s first find out what the website’s promotion is and how much it can cost. Website promotion is a complex process, and for it to bear fruit, it must have a strategy in advance.

Webwebsite promotion strategies

How do I know which promotion strategy to choose for a particular website? Where to find a recipe for delicious cookies, according to which a homemaker of any level of culinary preparation will bake a delicious cake ordered by you? The answer to the second question exists. What determines the perception of human taste buds – the information is open and experimentally verified. And here on what factors getting to TOP 10 Google depends? Google carefully conceals the recipe for getting on the first page of search results. Moreover, website ranking algorithms change from year to year.

You can buy any promotion book, sign up for marketing courses – but the information you find there will probably be partially outdated. Therefore, it is not surprising that specialists in the field of Internet marketing are expensive. It took an SEO expert a few years to grope and test all the tips to promote a website successfully. Moreover, he has to implement new ideas quickly or, conversely, never implement them in practice. Based on many years of experience, he can already predict whether recent trends will harm or benefit.

Thus, it becomes intuitively clear that the expert assessment of the website, its competitors, the development of promotion strategies depend on many factors. The experienced specialist should check these factors. He will suggest a list of works to make the website much better than the existing websites of competitors. Such an expert assessment is starting to cost from $500 depending on the subject area.

And it calls this set of works – SEO audit. This service can offer separately. But it is often included in the first month of promotion, and the price for the first month looks higher than in other periods. Or the cost of the audit can evenly distribute in the first months of promotion, so the minimum period of work to promote the website is three months.

Okay, there’s a plan, so what’s next?

There is a plan, but its implementation requires specifics. Namely: for what queries do you want to see your website in the TOP 10? Usually, people can name 10 – a maximum of 20 requests. It is essential to understand that search engines will not seek to show your website in the top 10 on a competitive query if the website does not have a phrase for it. If you have filled your website with information that you sell tables and chairs, but nowhere written that it is “office furniture,” – do not expect your website to display on this request.

Therefore, one of the essential works in website promotion is compiling a semantic core. It is a set of phrases by which users search for the topic of your website on the Internet. How much does it cost to compile the semantic core of a website? Of course, everything depends on the number of services/groups of goods your company offers through the website. The price can vary from $ 50 to $ 500. Assembling the core of search queries is a hell of a job that requires a lot of attention, perseverance, and logical thinking. You need to go through a large amount of statistical information and lay it out on the shelves, group, weed out the excess, anticipate all options.

Copywriting. SEO texts

Any website needs quality content for successful promotion. It means that the texts must be unique, attract visitors’ attention, and be sure to include phrases for search queries from the semantic core. Created such material requires an investment of time.

The SEO specialist must make a technical task for the copywriter (a person with outstanding writing texts). The content manager must place the received text on the website’s sections. It is challenging to guarantee such services and calculate the middle ground for the average article. But for a rough estimate, you can take the starting price of $20 per page. And what did you think? It does not work for a teacher. A selling text should “sell” Google your website for the TOP 10 and provide the buyer with arguments to purchase a product/service on your website. But we must admit that there are discounts for a vast amount among copywriters if known in advance.

Programming and technical audit

Any website that falls into the hands of SEO specialists, as a rule, requires refinement. You can ask: “But why, the website looks beautiful, and you can use it!”. Yes, you have a convenient website. It selects the product, makes a purchase, and requests a service – everything is there, everything works. The developers have tried to glory. But as a rule, when discussing the price for creating a website with them, you did not discuss that you agree to pay for SEO optimization. What is it? Search engines can’t evaluate your website as well as people. Search engines (programs that bypass your website and download information from it) and search algorithms (software solutions that evaluate data quality) assess the website.

Therefore, general standards for structuring information on the website have developed. And it is possible to program the issuance of specific information from the website for search engines to better index your website. The better they do their job, the higher the quality score.

What is remarkable: such details you will not even notice. They are for robots. Their presence or absence can be determined only by a technical specialist. They are setting up a robots.txt file, websitemap.xml, micro-markup of products, organizations, etc. And if you also take into account that the website may not pass the Google Page Speed ​​and Mobile-Friendly Test, such improvements may require an additional budget, and there is no fixed price for these works. It all depends on the website.

External website optimization

Before that, we discussed the cost of work only on the internal optimization of the website. But to bring the website in the top 10 for high-frequency requests for these measures, as a rule, is not enough. The website should quote on the Internet: other websites should link to your website from publications on similar topics. This work is called external website optimization. It is estimated as copywriting for a website, but it is necessary to add the cost of the website on which you will place the information. A suitable donor is expensive. But you can calculate the reasonable average price per page of $50. And of course, it all depends on the theme of the resource and its prevalence on the Web.

What else?

If you have reached this place, then the topic is relevant 🙂 The choice of strategy, compiling a semantic core, internal optimization, relinking, external optimization, technical refinements – well, much more. And more can be and will be. Then the work falls like snow. There were many pages with a status of 404. The bounce rate increased. It is not clear what to add to the page to hold the visitor’s attention, etc. But these are all new terms that are not likely to be of interest to specialists in this field. Website promotion is an art, a bit of shamanism, luck, and a lot of tedious work.

Of course, reports

The customer spends a lot of money and wants to know – what they paid? How to measure the result? And SEO-specialist – prepares them for you: graphs, tables, conclusions. Analyzes each time the website, its position, trends, make adjustments to plans, if necessary, writes a clear summary. And such work also requires time, skills, and money.

The influence of the region on the price of website promotion

The promotion price strongly depends on the region promote. The bigger the city – the higher the competition – the more work will be needed to stay ahead and bring the website to the Top.

What is affected by the low promotion budget?

What will happen if you look cheaper? Cheaper can always find. You can find a contractor for USD 100, 200, … 1000, …. 5000, …10000… All these options can be high quality and sincere. But make sure that you reach the same amount of work when you compare prices for website promotion. Namely: how many categories of goods/services will be promoted per month, whether technical support of the website will include, completion website to improve the behavioral factor. The question of price is a question of efficiency in the coverage of search phrases. These points need to be clarified when trying to compare different promotion proposals.

You can always count on us in terms of website promotion. We have extensive experience in this area and dozens of successful projects.


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