What is a landing page, why such a site is needed?

Landing page, long page, landing – marketers, web designers use different names, but the primary purpose of this tool remains the same – to turn the user of the site into a buyer and increase conversion rates. So how to do it, and why is everything often done wrong?

The easiest way to create a landing page is to promise benefits. Visitors are intimidated by rising prices, stimulated by free bonuses, put a counter that counts down the time until the end of the promotion. Yes, this allows you to increase conversions compared to a regular site. But does it always work? If you seduce a person at the lowest price, what will prevent him from going to a competitor next time? Who will make him even lower? The conclusion is self-evident. The main task of landing is to provide a potential buyer with an offer based on his needs and expectations about the product or service. Let’s think about customers!

Timers and discounts are good if it works, but most often, a person is looking for a quality product and a high level of service, rather than the opportunity to buy cheaper. Every marketer needs to understand what goals a landing page will pursue:

  • increase sales of a particular product or product group;
  • assessment of demand for a new product or service;
  • research of the target audience of the brand.


And regardless of the tasks, it is crucial to understand what is essential for the target audience. This information will make landing effective, not just full of loud headlines, discounts, and countdown timers. It is not only about high conversion rates but also about high loyalty to the company. After all, if you give a person precisely what he is looking for, then the next time he will come to you again.

Landing page development needs to start with research and analysis of competitors and think about what is essential for the visitor. By what criteria will he make a choice? What can prove the quality of goods or services? Tell us about it – and then the conversion will be significantly higher than on a regular site.


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