What is a favicon, why do you need it?

A website icon, or favicon, is a handy, necessary thing for any website. So let’s see what it is like to help you promote your website.

A favicon is a small icon measuring 16×16 or 32×32 pixels, which usually contains the main logo or the first letter of the company name. Favicon appears in the browser tab next to the website page title in the search results to the left of the website position. Here are the main advantages.

Improves the appearance of the website in search results

It is evident in the image above. Sites that have an icon are more visible in search and arouse more trust in users.

Site recognition

A favicon will increase the visibility of your brand on the Internet. Also, if you want to revisit your website, the user can easily find it in bookmarks or browser history, just if by a familiar icon.

How to create and install a favicon for a website?

In modern browsers, it is not necessary to specify a link to the icon in the code. Instead, they automatically try to find the image with the extension .ico at the website’s root. But if your favicon is, for example, in a template or theme folder, you can use a unique code.

This line “link rel =” icon “type =” image / png “href =” / template / favicon.ico “/” is inserted into the website code after the “head” tag and tells the browser and search engines where to get the icon.

Online services will help you Independently creating an icon for the website. You just need to download any image and exit to download the finished favicon.ico.

Why doesn’t my website display a search icon?

Sorry, you can’t add a favicon to a search engine on your own. Addition occurs only after the update.


At first glance, it may seem that the favicon is not such a mandatory part of your website. But once you understand, you will see that it is essential for successful promotion: to increase the trust in the website by search engine users.

Try to create an icon yourself, and if it doesn’t work, contact us!


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