What attracts the customer to website?

We all search the Internet for something that attracts, inspires, and trusts when viewed. What each site should have to interest the client.

Easy to use

The client should be easy to navigate on the site. Web clients are usually looking for simple things: your products, information about you, your article, and your contacts. All this must be available. The font should be easy to read, links and keywords should be highlighted.

Content availability

Your content, including the slogan, should be easy to understand. This applies to every single page of your site. If your readers can’t understand you, they will leave the site.


Your site must have a special contact page with a feedback form, email address (preferably not free), location, and phone number.

What attracts the customer to website


This applies to both the design of the site and the content of your site. If your site doesn’t look interesting, people won’t waste their time searching on it. If you are like everyone else in the market, why should your customers choose you?

Participation / Opportunity to leave a review

If your customers can’t contact you easily, they will turn you down. If they do not receive a prompt response, they will not contact you. Either way, you need to ensure the fastest possible interaction with the client. People will be loyal to you if they see that you are open and always available.


Remember that everyone has their expectations of your products and services. No one likes to be called a “Dear Customer” in an email, and everyone likes it when they are offered products on topics that are of particular interest to them! So knowing the tastes and interests of your regular customers is the key to building a lasting relationship.


Customers want to be sure that any personal information provided to them will remain confidential and will not be passed on to third parties or used without authorization.

How to attract more visitors?

Filling the site with information important to the client

Every site visitor wants to find useful information: prices, descriptions of goods and services, working conditions and delivery, warranties, etc. The site should have the following sections: Description of goods/services, taking into account the benefits and advantages for your customers, prices, guarantees, terms of cooperation and deliveries, customer reviews, full contact information. If the user does not find the information he needs in full, he will leave the site.
The materials of the site should be valuable for readers: contain relevant and useful information. Each user should be able to find information on his question. So the company will win the loyalty and trust of users. This is a great and inexpensive way to replenish your customer base.

Writing effective headlines and convenient texts

Every day the amount of information around increases. Therefore, not everyone carefully reads the texts “from A to Z” on the site. The rules of registration of “hooks” for a site are based on such a feature of perception of the information. Depending on how correctly the texts are structured, it depends on whether the user will continue to read these articles or leave the site.

The title should:

  • It’s good to stand out on the page: to be big, eye-catching. It is best to highlight all headings in bold.
  • Be bright, attractive. The main rule: indicate immediately in the title the main benefit and advantage that the customer will receive when buying a product or service. Examples: “Want to know how to raise sales 5 times in just one month?”, “Make an order without leaving home and save up to UAH 500 on each purchase”, etc.

All text material on the site should be convenient and readable. To do this, follow a few design rules. Divide each text into logical blocks. Divide the blocks into paragraphs, put subheadings. Make the most important points in the text (bold, italic, enlarged, etc.). Finish the text with specific instructions to the visitor on what to do next. Be sure to use photos and illustrations in the text. The more product images you can offer to users, the better.

Use of customer reviews of your company

Turning to an unfamiliar company, everyone has fears. And because people tend to trust other people’s opinions, the site should have customer feedback. Competently created section with customer reviews will attract new customers and increase the loyalty of existing ones. There should be at least 10 reviews. Everyone should have information about the results of interaction with the company. Do not correct the grammar and spelling of reviews: let them be with errors, emoticons.

Offer gifts, bonuses

Each potential customer will be pleased to receive from the company a bonus: discount, souvenir, discount card, etc. Regularly offer customers discounts, however, do not overdo it: when visitors get used to such bonuses, they will wait for them from the company every time they apply.

A properly designed section about goods or services

The catalog of goods must be structured, its hierarchy must be clear. If the directory is presented in the form of the table, it is necessary to make sorting on various parameters. The site should also be able to download a document with catalogs and prices so that the customer at any time at home on his computer could open it and see. On the site, it is desirable to search for the product by name or article. The description of the product must contain accurate and detailed information: name, description, photo, price (or the ability to find out), warranty. Certificates of certification for some types of goods.

Getting contacts of site visitors

Visitors come to any site. Some of them make orders, call the company, ask questions, etc. To “hook” most of the audience, you need to offer them to get what will be useful to them right now. You can offer visitors a free useful article, e-book, audio seminar recording, video. The main thing is that it was useful information on the topic of your activity. The material should have an attractive name. It’s best if you don’t just invite visitors to download your material, but receive it by e-mail. Then you make a small form on the site, in which a person enters a name, email address, phone number. Having such an electronic customer base will make it much easier for you to bring them back to the site.

Blogging on the site

Blogging on the site is a powerful tool for attracting the target audience. The flow of customers will be felt only after 50 quality publications. Post interesting and useful posts regularly (1-2 times a week).

Connecting emotions

Add photos of your products from different angles to the site. If your products evoke emotions, try shooting a short video (1-2 minutes). For example, a video of a hotel room with a spectacular view from a window, shot on an amateur camera, works better than endless articles.

Reach out to your target audience

Address your target audience right from the main page of the site: indicate who your customer is and what you can offer him. Make it clear that you know about the problems that concern the customer and that he can easily solve them with your products and services.

By following these recommendations, you will be able to attract and, most importantly, retain new visitors who will become your customers in the future. If you need help to create or promoting a site, contact us.


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