Website SEO audit: what it is and how you can do it yourself

The purpose of creating a website is a commercial success, including visibility in search engines. Therefore, website owners spend money every month on contextual advertising, social networks, writing articles. The money goes, and the result is not happy. Why is this happening?

Here SEO-audit comes to the rescue.

What is an SEO audit?

SEO-audit of the website is a comprehensive assessment of the characteristics that affect the resource index, its position in search engines, and traffic to customers. In other words, the audit assesses how ready the website is for promotion, whether the resources available for advertising use effectively.

The following parameters usually evaluate:

  • Quality of filling of tags and metatags (title, description, h1-h3, img alt). All of these elements are indexed and affect the page’s relevance to search queries. Every owner wants targeted visitors to come to his website, and the pages are in good positions and look good in search results.
  • Technical parameters (broken links, robots.txt and websitemap.xml files, gluing mirrors). First of all, these parameters affect the indexing of the website, its visibility for search engines. If search engines don’t know about your website or its pages, people won’t find them.
  • Uniqueness and quality of texts. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of texts. They are best “understood” by search engines and actively rank the website by target queries. Text is the primary way to communicate information to a visitor, to convince him of the quality of your product and the reliability of services.
  • Adaptability and page loading speed. The website can optimize as much as you want, but if the pages open for a very long time or do not look as intended, a person can simply refuse to visit.

SEO audit covers all key features. Its feature is that it is suitable for resources of any size and thematic focus.

Why not do without an audit?

On the one hand, the purpose of the audit is to get a general idea of ​​the state of affairs. On the other – to identify white spots, “forgotten” places. You can make a significant effort to develop a resource by focusing on one activity and completely forgetting about the rest.

For example, three months ago, you decided to post thematic materials on the website – 5 articles per month. So much work has been done so far. The articles turned out to be interesting; all your acquaintances and relatives like them. But the failure – did not affect the popularity of the resource. And the fact is that the developer accidentally closed the section with articles from indexing in the file robots.txt.

Or another example. You have a great website: excellent design, exciting texts. The website occupies a good position on key queries, and the flow of visitors confirms this. But for some reason, there are few orders. It turned out that a significant part of your customers visit the website from the phone, where the annoying layout error simply does not allow you to go from the main menu to the product catalog.

It happens because each of the specialists who worked on the website solved their problem. He could have solved it well, but he forgot (or didn’t guess) about other aspects of the work. It turns out that some experts performed some work but lost a holistic view of the website.

When should I order an SEO audit?

  • Search engine optimization has never been done on your website. Then the audit will help in the formation of the overall strategy, identify areas for further work to improve the resource.
  • The work was carried out long ago and not systematically. In this case, the audit will help to form a general idea of ​​the state of affairs to identify white spots.
  • Website optimization was carried out recently. Therefore, you can perform an audit if you have doubts about the quality of work.

Professional audit vs independent audit

You can always check the website on your own. However, if you are the website owner, you have an undeniable advantage – you are better than someone who understands your business. It will help a lot, for example, when compiling a title and description for the pages of the website. If you decide that you can handle internal optimization yourself, we support you, but we recommend that you study the SEO instructions.

The better the owners and developers understand the principles of promotion. The better quality websites are released. People get the opportunity to find resources, respond better to their requests, and that’s great.

But in the case of SEO optimization, there are many nuances. Any optimization specialist has spent several times more time than you to understand all the intricacies. Eventually, the specialist will conduct an in-depth analysis and identify more problems.

Another advantage of professional evaluation is independence. This is an unbiased assessment from the outside. Sooner or later, your eyes fall in love, and you just don’t see any problems. On the other hand, the specialist does not feel any warm feelings for your website and ruthlessly finds mistakes.

Ordering an website audit from us, you get the result in a short time – we do an audit and prepare a report within 2-3 working days. The report contains a detailed description of the identified shortcomings and recommendations for their elimination.

In addition, the report is a technically ready task that you can use to set tasks for developers or when ordering services related to search engine promotion.

Troubleshooting the report will help improve the website’s visibility by search engines and reduce the cost of promotion in the future. You will achieve the result not by a long trial and error but by correcting specific problems.


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