Website rental. Leased promo website – pros and cons

More and more exciting services are offered for business by programmers and web developers. One such service is website rental. It is a relatively new service that does not prevent it from becoming popular.

Advantages of renting websites

The benefits of this way to express yourself online are very, very many. Resources for rent can be both existing promoted websites and explicitly written for rent to your order. As a result of such rent, the customer does not have to spend money on website development from scratch to think through the design and force the developer to work tirelessly.

In most cases, customers rent a business card website to connect contextual advertising and as soon as possible to learn how online advertising works in their particular case. After that, the client chooses whether

  • stay him on a rented website
  • order the development of your website and develop it
  • as sometimes happens, quit trying to grow an online business.

Of course, modern, technically well-written websites, attractive and convenient for work, are suitable for such work.


However, this method has its drawbacks. First of all, customers do not like that the leased website does not belong to them entirely. Only contact information give to the clients’ property – the client has no right to change anything else. As soon as the lease of the website terminates, all its contact information is deleted.

The price of the rented website

When ordering a website rental, you should often weigh all the pros and cons. If you do not want to overpay, estimate the approximate budget of the website from scratch and the cost of renting the website. It is natural to assume that the second option should be much more profitable for you. If not, refuse to cooperate with the owners of the resource or resolve the issue to create and develop a website.

The cost of renting a website will be slightly higher if the leased website is already promoted and has a particular rating. The audience of such a website already exists and will constantly expand, and you will have more potential customers and regular customers.

An important point is the further conclusion of the lease agreement for the website. It should spell out all the details of the lease to avoid ambiguous situations. Usually, after signing the contract, the customer is given administrative access to the website to enter their contact information. In the case of an online store, such opportunities extend to change the price of goods. The owner of the resource assumes all other functions of website maintenance.

As practice shows, if the lease of the website is really well thought out, this option becomes beneficial for both parties – for customers and contractors. The former do not have to incur any enormous financial costs to create and develop the website, while the latter reliably protect from cooperation with unscrupulous customers.

You can also order a website rental from us. The cost of such a service is $90 per month and more. The exact price is determined for each case separately and prescribe in the contract. The minimum order period is three months.


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