Website optimization for mobile devices is a matter of time

The number of people using the mobile Internet is constantly growing, so optimizing a website for mobile devices is a matter of time. Why do people use the mobile Internet, the differences between searching in the mobile version, how to optimize a website for mobile search.

Studies show that people often use the Internet to:

  • spend time on social networks (50%);
  • work with e-mail (45%);
  • look for products or services to buy (45%).

The data is relevant for audiences aged 17 to 31 years. This audience spends more time on the Internet (in European countries about 2 hours a day, with age the figure decreases).

Features of search results on mobile devices

  • Use short search queries. It is due to the small keyboard, which is not so convenient to type. Very often, in mobile search, people use tips.
  • Geographical binding of queries. People often search for information about a product or service on the go and prefer options that are close by from mobile phones. Therefore, the issuance form taking into account the geolocation.
  • Limited issuance. Only the first 1-3 responses to the request are visible on the device’s small screen. Typically, this is an ad unit and a map with locations. Given this fact, if you want to get good traffic from organic search, you need to get not just in the top ten websites, but it is desirable to be in the top 3 search engines.
  • Your topic in advertising. Advertising on desktop and mobile devices is also different. The main feature was the ability to advertise applications. After all, with mobile issuance, it is so convenient to immediately install the application and use it in the future, without returning to the issuance and leaving no chance to competitors.
  • Quick withdrawal. Typically, the user opens the first website that meets his criteria and exits the search without going back due to the difficulty of switching between tabs. In the regular version of the search, a person usually opens several tabs and quickly returns to the search several times.
  • Adaptation for mobile. Search engines show websites adapted to mobile devices because it is inconvenient to sit on a regular website from the phone. And if you did not optimize in this area, the user does not want you.
  • Detailed information in the search. Today, various functions for commercial topics are actively introduced. For example, hotel ads provide the most detailed information about them. Here you can find everything from the price to the photos.

Thus, mobile issuance has several features that you need to consider to promote and receive customers from this segment.

Optimization for mobile devices: mobile website or adaptive layout?

Search engines have officially stated that for mobile search, the website must adapt for mobile devices. Back in 2014, Google began to issue websites adapted for mobile, and in April 2015, officially announced the introduction of the mobile-friendly algorithm.

But even today, websites that do not adapt for mobile devices are often found in high-ranking positions. And there are no real differences between desktop and mobile search yet, but the changes are gradually gaining momentum. Therefore, in the long run, it is still worth thinking about adapting the website.

Who should start optimizing today?

Can’t decide whether to do optimization now or better to write it in plans? Look at the share of mobile traffic in total and evaluate your competitors’ websites in search.

  • If the traffic is decent (from 10-15%), and competitors are actively adapting, you should not delay and adapt your website.
  • If mobile traffic has a positive trend, you should also think about adapting as soon as possible.
  • If competitors are not active in this direction, it can play into your hands and take higher positions while the system gains momentum.

If you have decided that it is worth adopting the website today, you can decide which to choose: adaptation or mobile version.

When choosing, take into account the specifics of the resource. If you have a sizeable multi-page website, such as an online store, with catalogs, lists, forms, and other details, you can make an adaptive layout not to duplicate the content. If the website is small, then you can make a mobile version.

You can always order a modern mobile adapted website from us.


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