Web design trends in 2019

According to renowned designer Milton Glaser, there are three answers to design quality: yes, no, and WOW! Wow is something to strive for.

Given the advantages of visual materials over texts, graphics will always be an important aspect for any successful brand communicating with the audience. However, in our world, people expect change, innovation, and creativity in what they see.

So, designers have the difficult task of presenting graphics to create a “WOW” factor among the audience. People no longer want chaotic or flawless pictures. Users want to see on the website graphics and visual effects that communicate effectively with them.

Here are some graphic design trends for 2019 that will undoubtedly create a “wow” factor among the audience.

Demonized models will be in demand

Until now, website layouts were predictable. They are structurally a little different from each other. However, be prepared to be surprised in 2019 when you seem unusual, asymmetrical patterns where the information you are looking for will not be in the typical place you expected. 2019 is a year when designers break old schemes and open the door to innovation and creativity in design.

Simplicity will be the key to popularity

Complex graphic designs sometimes cause clutter or eye strain. Moreover, intricate graphic design can unnecessarily create confusion and deprive the brand of its essence. In addition, minimal designs convey messages directly, and sometimes the lack of a description creates interest among the audience to learn more about the brand. So, the designers realized that the best way to communicate through graphics is to make it simple but powerful and successfully convey the intended message.

Impressive color transitions and gradients will become the main ones

Thanks to the enormous progress in device displays over the past few years, we will see an increasingly prosperous, vibrant, and diverse set of colors used in design in 2019. It is now easy to create designs and backgrounds, making them more attractive using color transitions and gradients. This is an excellent tactic to create this “wow” factor.

Bright trend: space effects and shades of blue

One of the most significant graphic trends in 2019 will be blue, purple, and black shades in the design to feel “space or galaxy”. These colors and shades have better and more beautiful effects on intelligent displays.

Metals will dominate the design

In 2019, the templates will contain more metallic colors. Thanks to the latest technologies, metallic colors will be visible everywhere – because they increase the depth and strength of structures, creating a sense of luxury.

Life in Technicolor: Color Fonts

There was a time when the available digital fonts were limited, but their colors were uniform. But it’s behind! In 2019, we saw an increase in the number of vector fonts with several color elements. So expect many opportunities in terms of art and aesthetics to present your ideas through texts.

Using GIF images

In 2019, we will see more GIFs as more and more smart applications are created, making it easier to develop smaller GIFs. Some companies are already taking advantage of this trend and designing their websites using animated GIFs, subtly, professionally.


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