Web design trends in 2015

  1. Fonts

Fonts are an integral part of any design. They have always played an essential role in the readability of the page. Web design is already moving away from old-fashioned tiny fonts.

  1. Layout

Web development has always included two parts: design and programming.

Now the field of activity of designers is expanding because they can create sites themselves, getting the correct code without the help of programmers. Of course, this is a good reason to save on typesetters for some studios, but you can’t just throw everything at the designer.

However, the importance of layout in site development is declining.

  1. Adaptive design

Until recently, we used only computers, phones, and tablets. But progress does not stand. Still, new gadgets appear every year, forcing them to adapt. It is now fashionable to browse websites on TVs and even smartwatches. But on the computer, the site looks one by one and on TV quite differently. And that’s why the adaptive layout is gaining momentum so that you can browse sites on each device so that they look aesthetically pleasing without losing quality.

  1. Flat design

Microsoft, Google, and Apple have determined the popularity of the flat design. It is not surprising because the balanced design attracts with its minimalism and is also very practical. A person visiting the site is not distracted by unnecessary elements but immediately finds helpful content. This design allows you to attract attention immediately. It is simple, beautiful, and comfortable.

  1. Huge images

Large font – big picture!

In 2015, the pictures will be in the spotlight, so they will probably be the most crucial page element — the bigger the image, the better. In addition, fashionable and various filters, such as blur, will make the picture more interesting and the text readable.

  1. Animation and parallax

Very fashionable direction. They are even available on Apple and Google, and this is not surprising. The results are stunning because, with the help of parallax scrolling, the site’s conversion can increase up to 70%. Scrolling gives several advantages, as the page does not load very long, you can get to another section quickly and smoothly, which is also very nice.

  1. Birth of web graphics

Everyone knows that a person perceives information better with his eyesight. It is for these reasons that infographics become a method of presenting information №1. All its beauty lies in fast and high-quality perception and memorization. And so, a new direction emerged – web graphics. It will soon replace paragraphs of uninteresting text with fascinating illustrations.


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