Web design ideas that should abandon in 2014

Web design, like any other art that needs updating, is forced from time to time to abandon the areas that have exhausted themselves:

Pages, pages, and pages again

Sites with countless pages and even more content on them are long gone. Now that you are working on the website’s design, think about the functionality of each page and whether it is needed at all.

Unrealistic pictures from photo banks

If you want people to trust your site, you shouldn’t use stock photos that don’t convey your uniqueness. Take a risk and post photos of people who don’t look perfect on the site, choose realistic photos, and visitors will be more willing to believe you.

Do not confuse the site with the newspaper

Long texts, graphic fonts, small letters – all this can look great in print. Short texts and relatively large fonts are more suitable for our task. Think globally, but put it into action.

A mixture of fonts

Mixing different fonts is not a good idea. Follow no more than two or three types of fonts when designing and use them carefully: one font for the main text, the second for the headings, etc.

Too many “share” buttons

Of course, you want your content to spread on the Internet, but what if you add too many “Share” buttons? You confuse the user and flood your site with unnecessary buttons. Choose the social networks that are most important to you and use only their buttons.

Weak contrast of text and background

The main rule for you: users should easily read the text and view the image. Use contrasting colors to highlight your content.


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