Ways to increase website traffic

How to increase site traffic – this worries a lot, especially when the site is just created. There are several ways to bring visitors to a site.

The first, easiest, and most effective way is to write unique content. That is, to offer what people need and what they did not find on other sites. Constantly update it. The site should be exciting and “alive”, then search engines will “love” it.

Contextual advertising. Create a company in GoogleAds, or Yandex Direct, and catch visitors. The disadvantages, of course, are the costs. Depending on how many competitors you have, the price per click will increase directly to the number of competitors. Therefore, you first need to estimate the budget.

Social bookmarks can increase traffic — however, not much. Add interesting articles in social bookmarks and wait for visitors. Bookmarks are quickly indexed! The more bookmarks you use, the better. But do not count on hundreds of transitions per day from social bookmarks.

Announcement on the forum. You can announce your article on the relevant topic, putting a link to your site, indicating to read further. But! The platform should be well attended, from 1000 a day at least.

Your banner on the site. A beautiful banner and an intriguing signature will surely attract visitors to your site. But it costs money. Although, for a start, you can try to place your banner for a week to see how things turn out with the conversions.

Як збільшити відвідуваність сайту

Methods of improving site traffic in detail

Increase site traffic with the right keywords

Expand the semantic core

Don’t just focus on high-frequency queries. Most sites, especially those beginning to compete with their niche leaders, bring the most traffic to mid-and low-frequency queries. Think about building a website in advance and work with texts on the principle of “one key = one article”.

Select the keys that are relevant to the interests of the target audience

For example, you sell plastic windows. And you got two queries in the kernel. The first: “second-hand plastic windows” and the second “to repair plastic windows”. Think about which of them to leave so that a potential customer, ready to place an order, enters the site?

How to increase traffic to the site through content marketing?


Publish articles that will be interesting and easy to read, choose a readable font, highlight subheadings, divide the text into paragraphs, insert quotes and inserts.

A good blog is a regular blog

Sometimes the results have to wait longer than one or two months. The main thing is not to lower your hands and not to reduce the speed. Blogging requires a solid investment of time and effort. Accept this fact, and your efforts are guaranteed to pay off.

Adhere to the time of the release of materials

Later, the blog will have a regular audience. And it is perfect if it is a habit of regularly reading new materials, for example, at 16.00 on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Produce unique content materials

It is the key to the popularity of your blog. How many people will be interested in installing windows? This topic has been described more than once. Perhaps it is worth writing about “How to convert double-chamber windows into energy-saving ones.” With each new text, add some unique, valuable information to the Internet. Perhaps it is worth writing about “How to convert double-chamber windows into energy-saving ones.” With each new text, add some unique, valuable information to the Internet.

Create viral content

Complicated cases, various cheat sheets, infographics, checklists, and articles lists with numbers in the title work perfectly.

Follow the rules of articles

Must have: a powerful, attractive title, always with intrigue, quality pictures with relevant captions and inserts where you need to highlight important facts.

Cause an emotional response

You blog about plastic windows. Study your audience. Find out what problems people face. They are interested not only in quality and timely delivery. There are problems every day: loose fittings, fogged glass. Write how to get rid of at least one of these problems? Look at the reaction of blog readers.

Publish ratings

In the case of windows, the theme may be: “TOP-5 manufacturers of double-glazed windows according to the version of your site.” Suppose you sell products of one brand, the TOP-5 types of windows for apartments in noisy areas. Even if a potential buyer lives in a relatively quiet area, an article with such a title will interest him.

Work with experts

The unique opinion of the expert in the article increases the value of the content. And an interesting interview on a hot topic often leads a record number of readers to the site.

Research the market and publish the results

Explore the market in accessible ways. Publish the results in white paper format – this is a small book instruction for solving a specific problem.

Publish different content

Instructions, lists, interviews, news, reviews, entertainment posts, FAQ, presentations, cases, selections of photos and videos, ratings, comparison. The more diverse, the better.

Study competitors

See what content your niche leaders are posting. Do better, more interesting than them. By the way, during such research, original ideas often come to mind.

Expand the topic of the blog

For example, if you blog about plastic windows, write a few articles about warming slopes, choosing blinds, curtains, drapes, or tell an exciting life hack about using window sills. Just don’t make additional topics dominant. Follow the main blog profile.

Announce interesting publications

Find reputable sources in your niche and talk about the most engaging posts on your blog. Current news and popular posts on social networks stimulate traffic activity well.

Use Google Alerts

Subscribe to inquiries relevant to your market segment. New posts with the specified keyword phrases will come automatically.

Launch the forum

It is an effective way to reduce bounce rates and grow a community with a target audience relevant to your product or service.

Use guest posting

Just forget the “link for the sake of links” tactic. Your goal is to grow your audience. Otherwise, the sanctions of search algorithms are close.

Answer the questions

Preferably in Google FAQ. Be active if the question is about your topic. Help solve the problem and do it for free.


Preferably in blogs and forums relevant to the topic of your product or service. It is important to do this under the real name and photo (or logo).

Collect reviews

Yes, customers rarely hand out thank-you notes themselves. But for a small free service or discount, almost every customer will reconsider their views on this issue.

Increasing site traffic through social networks

Be everywhere

The official pages of all popular social media are a must-have for any business or self-employed person who provides services online.

Arm yourself with photo content

Instagram and Pinterest will help raise sales of any visual goods from mobile phones to garden equipment.

Business social networks

Stumbleupon and LinkedIn are the most popular, however, so far only abroad. But each of them can shoot at us at any moment. Remember, the explosion of Instagram’s popularity also reached us not immediately.

Full announcements

You have material on the site. In the social network, you write a small introductory text seed, attach a photo, leave a link. And then it’s a matter of technology.

Use the fruits of someone else’s work

Usually, no one opposes citations or statistics with a link to the author or the organization that conducted the study. And this is a great way to increase the value of content and raise interest in the publication.

It is best to consolidate

Do you have a post that broke records for likes and reposts? Secure it at the top of the tape. It is a proven way to expand your audience.

Facebook CTA button

The Call To Action button is available free of charge, and no advertising is required.

Twitter cards

They will help to compose informative and beautiful tweets, which will lead to more conversions.

Intrigue in tweets

There are two types of tweets: some do not want to, and others want to click. To always get the second option, write briefly, address the target audience, use the news format, show surprise, ask questions, share knowledge, publish feedback, create excitement, warn and write in the first person.

Arrange competitions

Preferably with decent prizes. Not sure how to draw a distinction that your target audience will appreciate? The network has a lot of proven ideas and templates, specially sharpened for various social networks.

Like discount

Make interesting suggestions right in the text of the post. If you are ready to invest in promotion, use paid tools — for example, the Facebook Coupon App.

Exchange of posts

Search for similar groups and share posts for free. Most likely, another admin will like this offer if the number of subscribers in your groups is approximately the same.

Quote experts

In addition to quotes, reposts of materials by well-known specialists work well. Be sure to mention the name of the expert with the @ symbol.

Alternative ways to increase site traffic

Try co-marketing

Agree with competitors or partners on mutually beneficial PR. Mention each other in blog articles, posts, or newsletters.

Start the newsletter

Current content by e-mail continues to confidently retain customers and attract traffic, despite the growing popularity of messengers and social networks.


Use hype news or news stories to draw attention to your product or service. If you catch a wave, the effect will be powerful and will be notified immediately.

Paid promotion

Banners on popular sites, thematic advertising on social networks close to your audience, contextual advertising help attract customers and increase traffic.

Work out the negative

Ironically, removing negative comments damages a brand’s reputation. Instead, give honest and detailed answers, admit mistakes, try to correct the situation.

Expand the snippets

Detailed descriptions work better. They attract attention and stimulate the growth of the number of conversions from search engines.

Think about site visitors

If you write about mold on the slopes, give clear instructions on how to get rid of the problem yourself and offer your help. Of course, a businessman with a lot of free time will take the advice, but most busy, and solvent people will trust and order service.

Advertise offline

A good example is a link to a website or social network on branded products. Branded cars or overalls of employees are suitable as carriers, for example. Advertising on radio and TV works well.

Analyze effectiveness

Web analytics is a direct path to traffic growth and related metrics. Start studying the indicators. Monitoring social networks will not hurt either.

Focus on working strategies

You should not run an expensive car funnel or chatbot because it is talked about at all angles. More straightforward methods may help your business.

Try different directions

Obsession with the same methods of promotion overtime limits the horizons. Look for new approaches, tools, and platforms for traffic growth.

Experiment and the curve of the attendance schedule will go up. Reread and implement the methods listed here on your projects. The main secret of increasing traffic is to take concrete and regular steps in this direction. And the result is sure to come.


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