Ways and rules of advertising on the website

Advertising on the website is one of the ways to earn money on the Internet. Companies can advertise not only their products but also third-party websites. Read in this article how to place such advertising on the website and not spoil the design and effectively advertise your products on the website.

What is advertising on the website

As a rule, advertising on the website divided into three types:

  • advertising of partner projects, where the owners of resources agree to advertise each other’s projects;
  • contextual advertising, which is customized to the user and is automatic, changes after each page refresh;
  • promoting the company’s products – usually a variety of promotions, sales, popular products.

Here are examples of each type of advertising and consider their main advantages and disadvantages.

Affiliate projects

Advertising partner projects are a way to earn money for those who do not want to place random ads and are looking for special partners. As a rule, these are either companies with related topics or well-known brands.

This type of advertising has many advantages:

  • you choose which advertising will show to users, so you can only advertise your favorite brands and quality products;
  • this type of advertising can organically incorporate into the design of the website because you know exactly what it will look like;
  • you can count on the loyalty of partners and advertise their products on their website.

However, there are some difficulties: you need to find partners yourself, create original content, which leads to additional costs and time. This type of advertising is suitable for brands with a wide range of acquaintances and can afford to spend a budget on PR and advertising on the Internet.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising – advertising ads that are customized individually for each user. The principal “conductor” of such advertising is Google. Ads are displayed based on websites already visited by the user or his search queries. Thus, such advertising may be a completely different topic and not appropriate to the subject of the resource.

Sometimes, the owners of resources can choose which companies will advertise on their website – it can filter by topic, brand, etc.

Which approach is better? In auto-tuning, the ad will personalize, and the user will pay attention to a familiar topic. However, the resource owner will not know what his website looks like for a particular user. Also, such banners will stand out from the theme of the website. Since customers do not always visit websites with decent content, such ads can cause negative emotions in visitors.

If the entrepreneur chooses the companies and topics that will advertise his resource, he does not select the “cat in the bag”. However, such advertising will not personalize, and the target audience of the banner automatically reduces. Therefore, you need to choose the type of advertising, taking into account the target audience segment and the specifics of the resource. You can read more about contextual advertising.

Advertising of the company’s products

This type of advertising is part of the content of the website. Entrepreneurs place links to other sections of the website on the page so that users can see the promotion or advertising offer and buy the offered product.

Advertising on websites is the primary way to attract users’ attention to your product. Let’s understand how to make advertising in terms of design the most attractive and practical.

Advertising on the website: ways and rules

One of the most critical parameters of advertising effectiveness is its location. Depending on which part of the page the ad is placed, how many people will see it, and, accordingly, the level of conversion of the ad. Consider the main ways to place ads on the website and analyze the pros and cons of each type.

More and more websites are placing ads at the top of the website. Why is such advertising popular? The main reason is the number of views. The home screen is the part of the website that is most often in the user’s eyes. Therefore, you are most likely to see ads at the top of the page. Such advertising is more expensive than regular banners in the sidebar. It will be most effective, but resource owners should be careful, as such advertising can spoil the impression of the page.

An alternative to advertising at the top of the page is a slider on the home screen. In general, this location uses to place banners about their products, company promotions. This is one of the most effective solutions, which does not spoil the impression of the page. You can decide for yourself what the ad will look like and create a layout that fits the website’s design.

This method of advertising is one of the most effective. However, it is only suitable for advertising your products.

Another type of popular advertising – banners in the sidebar. The sidebar is the side of the page. Such advertising is famous for two reasons:

  • banners can be organically incorporated into the content so that they do not interfere with the perception of users;
  • due to the narrow thematic part, you can place a lot of advertisements.

However, it is because of such popularity in marketing that such a phenomenon as “banner blindness” has arisen. Its users do not like to watch ads, so they subconsciously ignore it and do not look at the sidebar. Because of these phenomena, the sidebar is not the most effective ad placement, although it remains a popular method. One of the solutions to overcoming “banner blindness” is to place ads mixed with helpful content.

Due to the phenomenon of “banner blindness” mentioned above, marketers began to look for places on the website where users will view ads. The solution was to embed advertising in the content of the website. When reading, the user pays attention to it and can go to the proposed link. For example:

Have you thought about creating your website? How to create a website yourself – read this link.

This method should also use with caution. The ads mustn’t interfere with the reader’s perception of the information, do not draw all attention to advertising, and prevent the user from concentrating. To do this, use small inserts and try to choose banners to match the website’s design.

Ways to attract user attention to advertising

The location of advertising, of course, plays a major role. However, it is worth considering the design of advertising itself. Consider the main ways to attract user attention to advertising in website design.

Bright color palette

The main means of attracting attention to advertising is still the color palette of the banner. The brighter the colors used, the more likely the user will pay attention to the ad. It is also necessary that the shades differ from the color scheme used on the website. But they do not must stand out from the overall concept, so as not to spoil the impression of the design.

Animation and movement

Movement always attracts the user’s attention. Therefore, advertising on the website often uses different videos or animated images.

This method is an excellent solution to attract the user’s attention, delay him and interest him. Some use video not only on small advertisements but also for sliders on the home screen.

Fixing the banner

Another way to attract the user’s attention through movement is a static banner. Such advertising is used mainly in the sidebar and, by moving the image along with the scrolling, can attract attention.


However, bright color and movement – that’s not all. It is not enough to attract the user’s attention – you need to interest him, encourage him to take targeted action – go to the page with the promotion or the partner’s website. To do this, marketers and designers come up with different ways that can interest users.

One of the successful methods of attracting attention is situational marketing. Advertisements create taking into account trends and events that are happening in the world. For example, Oreo cookies have long been famous because they started an entire advertising campaign dedicated to releasing the final season of the Game of Thrones series. It is crucial to get into the trends and interests of users in the beautiful packaging of goods and the quality of the material.

Advertising on the website should approach children with caution. Too many banners spoil the impression of the page. They interfere with the perception of content. Therefore, it is better to use advertising images in moderation and retain the customer than to lose the user, but make money on one impression.

PBB design studio carefully approaches the placement of advertising on websites. We can create an advertising banner design, website layout based on advertising images. We also make sure that the banners fit organically into the content and do not spoil the impression of the web page.


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