“Turnkey website” – how not to deceive yourself?

You need a website. You know you can’t do it yourself. You talked to friends who have a site. But you don’t like anything. You type in the search on the Internet the phrase “turnkey site” and get 1,000,000 answers. The same when choosing the words “turnkey website development”. You are reviewing the studios and suggestions of individuals for site development. What dangers lie in wait for you?

We will not consider cases of blatant deception or meager qualifications of performers. Now it is still possible to determine. Consider a genuine option.

You chose a studio and got a good version of the site. You are satisfied with everything. You pay and divorce. After a while, you decide to optimize the website and go to another studio.

And that’s where it all begins … Optimizers have requested access to the site control panel. You have no idea what it is that they eat it with. You have never seen it. You do not know that there is something like it and where to get them. Optimizers advise contacting the studio, which was engaged in the development of a turnkey site.

You apply, but they do not give them, explaining that they host your site. If they provide access, other websites can “fly”. Everything is easier. The site developers have realized that you go to others, and they do not want to lose a customer. Optimization is a long process, and there is also technical support. And for all this, you can get money.

What shall I do? Go to court? And the contract stipulated the turnkey development of the website and the launch of the site, perhaps in more detail, indicating the development of web design, layout, and something else “something unclear.” It’s all done and done well.

What do you get as a result? The server from the developer and he, respectively, and access, the domain is purchased in his name. And with your website, something completely incomprehensible is happening. The website usually stops working, and periodically there is a message that the site is not available. Know that users “do not like” such sites. It is unlikely that will well rank your resource.

And you can’t do ANYTHING! Well, unless you have a good programmer who can cause trouble to the developer. Only this is an undeclared war, in which you hardly have the time and strength to participate …

Most likely, you will have to go to another studio and order another site.

What should be done to avoid getting into such a very unpleasant situation?

  • The site should be hosted only on the server of your choice. You must have all access. The responsibilities of the site developer include the free provision of information about the site, ways to add or change the material. You can also provide paid consultations for some time after the end of the cooperation.
  • If you provide technical support for the website by the developer (the best option, because who, other than the developer, knows everything about the site), then make a separate agreement for technical support. If you terminate your cooperation, change your access.
  • Register a domain name for yourself even if you don’t understand anything about it. You must have access to the control panel. If someone works with the website, you will give access. When finished, change your login and password. It is not a problem. Consultations with the hosting provider are free.

The situation described above is not imaginary. However, more and more open and responsible studios have recently appeared on the web services market. Unscrupulous people simply can’t stand the competition, which is very high in the web development environment. You do not want to get into a similar situation? Contact our studio. We will answer your questions at the contact numbers listed on the website.


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