The Purpose of Creating an Educational Website

Its author should determine the purpose of developing an educational website before the design and development of the resource. Topics devoted to this type of Internet resource are very diverse. A web page can dedicate to one of the subjects, or maybe to a minor issue, given only one lesson in the curriculum.

The educational website is used as a platform for distance learning in schools and other educational institutions in modern conditions.

Interest as an incentive to work

When choosing the topic of an educational website, you should guide by your interests and knowledge and the need of students for information that you plan to fill the website.

Interests – in the first place, creating an excellent educational website is possible only if you are interested in the topic and happy to create a website. Just like doing any creative work, it’s essential to have fun. The website should not create by force.

Knowledge is the foundation of the website

Knowledge comes second because an educational website will only be helpful if you have something to share with your students. It should not be a compilation of materials from textbooks and collections of tasks. You probably have special techniques and techniques that you use, leading to good results in lessons. Why not use this experience on the Internet.

We wrote in detail about the creation of a website for the school earlier.

Or maybe you have developed a new, modern method of teaching and mastering your topic by students, using the Internet as a powerful tool.

The need for modern conditions

The need to continue the learning process in conditions of total quarantine makes online platforms for distance learning a necessary learning tool. Demand generates supply, and such resources are now actively developed and implemented.

The target audience of educational websites

In addition to the topic, the author of the educational website must have a clear idea of ​​the goals he is trying to achieve by publishing materials on the Internet. Goals are not just the formulation of the author’s desires. First of all, it is the audience for which this educational website intends. It is the students for whom it intends.

Learning materials should unobtrusively explain, interest, inspire students to continue learning and not irritate or annoy. This means that preparing educational resources should take into account the psychophysical condition in which your student is. It depends on the level of preparation for the perception of the topic, on the abilities in the field, and the abilities in general. But first of all, it is determined by age.

Depending on the age, the following target audiences were identified:

  • preschool children (up to 6 years old);
  • children of primary school age (from 6 to 10 years);
  • middle school children (from 10 to 15 years);
  • teenagers (from 15 to 17 years);
  • entrants;
  • students;
  • adults.

Educational materials and presentations that are appropriate for preschool children are not acceptable for adolescents. And materials prepared for middle school children are unacceptable for students and vice versa. Thus, the target audience determines the nature of the whole website: it is the style of teaching, and graphics, and illustrations.

In developing an educational website, you should never forget what audience it is dedicated to and pursue goals. The set goals will help decide on the choice of material for the website, develop the order of its presentation, and help solve many other questions.

Depending on the topic and target audience, the following goals can identify, which are pursued by the authors of educational websites:

  • popularization of knowledge on each topic;
  • a superficial acquaintance with the topic;
  • a deep study of the topic;
  • submission of additional optional information;
  • submission of additional reference information;
  • knowledge control.

If the purpose of developing educational materials is not clear to the author, then what to say about students. You can start creating a website only after defining its goals. But when the website’s purpose is clear to its author and users, you can achieve good results.

In addition to the general goals you try to achieve when developing a website, each element pursues its specific objectives. Thus, the goals define everything: from the overall architecture and appearance of the website to the last word.


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