The most important thing for a website is its appearance?

Resource owners often think that the most important thing is the appearance of the website. Beautiful design, animation! This website can admire for days, even brag to friends.

But when it comes time to recoup the money invested in this beauty, problems begin. You get SEO professionals to work on your website, and they “send” that website away. What happens if you forget about SEO when creating a website.

You can make a mistake even at the stage of choosing an SMS. Not all website management systems support basic optimization capabilities. And if the website develop on the designer, then problems with its promotion arise even more often. On some CMS, it is technically impossible to perform specific SEO work. To carry out work, you need to install additional plug-ins or even add code that takes a professional three times more time. Respectively, such work is three times more expensive.

There may be security issues – this is one of the problems of website management systems. And with the spread of malicious code, the website loses its position in the case. Such problems seriously hinder its promotion.

Each CMS has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should approach its choice in terms of price and planned functionality of the website. So, even at this stage, it makes sense to consult with an SEO specialist. At a minimum, you should include an SEO specialist in the website development team. Better yet, who will then be responsible for promoting the website.

What does it mean? We do not directly include the website promotion in the development service. It is provided the possibility of basic preparation of the website for its further promotion at the time of its creation. The preparatory works to prepare the website for optimization should carry out at the stage of its design.

What basic actions can we take and recommend to demand from website developers?

  • Configure website map and robots.txt file. Before the new website is sent to the search engine, works come to it and index the website. Check for errors, look for blank pages, test download speed, read tags, etc. If you want search engines to find your website in principle, you need to specify the correct path for indexing using the robots.txt file and the website map. So that he could fully appreciate it and not get confused.
  • Customize 404 page – a vital navigation element, especially on young websites, where many pages are not ready. If the user came across a page that is not yet on your website, it is better to explain it to him and give links to the main pages already working. It can do by setting up the 404th page correctly to send all blank pages to it automatically.
  • Remember the loading speed of the website. Many people forget about this option during development. Sometimes it is tough for web designers to refuse a customer to make a layout according to his wishes. “Insert the video on the first screen. Well, it’s as obsessed as it’s fashionable now. Add animation to this block, and here the background is gold. Photos of all my employees and a hundred diplomas, also on the main page, so that everyone knows who we work with, why we are calm, etc. As a result, we get a problem website that will be closed without waiting for the download of this masterpiece.

Any SEO specialist will tell you that the main thing in the website is not a beautiful shell but optimization. And he will be partially right, but only partially. When creating a website, we still believe that you need to find the middle ground between beauty, convenience, and optimization. As a result, to get a website that will appeal to both search engines and users. This is the balance we try to offer you.


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