The cost of creating a website or how much is the website that the customer needs?

This article will be helpful to those who are going to order a website and:

  • first encountered the task of creating a website and do not want to make a mistake in choosing a developer;
  • want to understand how a cheap website is different from an expensive one.

The article provides answers to the following questions:

  • What can be the cost of the website, and what segments divide into developers?
  • Why did some developers offer to create a website for $50, and where is the trick?
  • What are websites that sell in the low price segment?
  • What problems do customers who order low-cost websites face?
  • Which developers work in the low price segment?
  • Why don’t serious developers work in the low price segment?
  • What is the value of a website in an average web studio that works in the middle price segment?
  • How much does a website development cost?
  • Why do different studios operating in the same price range have different costs for creating a website?
  • Why do customers often make the mistake of choosing web studios?

The cost (price) of creating a website depends on many factors. For example, it is the price segment in which the developer works.

Why do some developers sell websites for $50 or $100?

We all understand that if something is sold almost for free – then somewhere there is a trick, then the money is made on subscription fees, or, for example, students’ work is used (because they study, for such practice receive minimal or no reward).

To objectively answer this question, you need to understand the types of Internet projects created by the company that develops cheap websites.

Template websites are sold to customers, and very often, the same template often sold many times. (Due to this, the cost of the website for the end customer partially reduce).

When ordering cheap websites from low-priced companies, customers do not buy the website but rent it.

As a result:

  • the customer cannot access the server where the website physically locate.
  • the website remains with the developer forever, as you will not pick it up or transfer it to another hosting.
  • annually it is necessary to continue hosting and the domain of even a small website on the regional domain (com.ua, lviv.ua) for $100! (This is two times more expensive than any, even the most expensive hosting company. And this is what companies that create websites for cheap earn.

If the website costs $50, how much do developers get? It turns out that you need to stamp one or more websites a day because you also need to work out the salary + the company’s overhead costs to recoup.

What level and qualification of specialists will go to work on such a conveyor? That’s right, not experienced and with low competence to learn.

Is it possible to count on the fact that the support service of a cheap website creator has qualified employees? (I doubt it).

As a result, customers who order a cheap website face with:

  • Extremely clumsy and simply not a competent support service. Many customers of cheap websites admit that communication with the support service is similar to contact with the robot. If the customer’s question is not contained in the file with ready-made questions – answers, the customer will have to wait a long time to answer his question.
  • Hosting is very unstable; the website may not open for 2-3 hours in the middle of the working day. Since the customer’s website locate on the same server, there are 1 thousand other websites, other clients.

About developers in the low price segment

Let’s start with the fact that many customers think, well, there is a website, what to do there … think that it is easy to enter the website development market.

According to some customers, this requires:

  • Bought a computer;
  • Photoshop or CorelDRAW or InDesign;
  • Visual code editor for typesetting;
  • A couple of books on HTML and CSS.

Then you need:

  • find a client who needs to make a website in a week. The faster, the better;
  • take a free or broken template with all the problems that follow it;
  • attach it to the CMS, fill in texts received from the client, or taken them from other websites.

Everything, the project is ready, we get money and look for a new client. And that’s why so many web design studios on the market prepare to create food websites. Such services are offered either by IT students to earn or by system administrators who have nothing to do at work.

As a result of the work of the above-described specialists on the Internet, low-quality projects obtain, which professionals simply call “shit website”. These websites do not solve any client problems, except one! They are created for the website to be.

An unprepared client who is ready to order his first website has the impression that:

  • creating a website is inexpensive;
  • go online and start capturing the market is easy; you just need to create a website and pay for hosting;
  • you do not need to develop the completed website, you need to make it so that it is, and then you can print its address on a business card.

Why do serious (experienced and qualified) developers not work in the low price segment?

Creating a custom website in the low price category is entirely unprofitable for the developer. After all, making the exact solutions customers need and are of interest to developers involves a multi-step approach. And if you do not follow it, you understand what will happen (poor performance of obligations to the customer, delays and delays, etc.).

How much does a good website cost?

The process of creating a website includes:

  • Before, the client is interviewed and filled in a brief to create a website. Together with the developer, the customer determines the website’s tasks, and they work on all issues related to the appearance of the website, colors, website structure, what the customer likes and dislikes, etc. After we have a document brief on the design, the designer will be the starting point.
  • The designer carefully analyzes the completed brief and presents the website design concept implemented in a graphic editor. At the exit, we have a picture – a design layout. In this case, the creation of the design process is interactive, i.e., after discussing the layout, changes are still being made, and the form finalize. And so, there can be several cycles.
  • The customer’s representative approves the design, and the layout programmer starts working. The layout specialist carefully cuts out all elements of the website from the graphic layout, generates HTML code and CSS style sheets, sums up the background under the website blocks, and forms the website grid, which will be displayed in many modern browsers and devices equally correctly and well.
  • Now the layout is integrated with the website management system, which allows you to quickly and easily manage the website’s content.
  • Then the website is tested, errors are corrected, if any, and the website host.

Such a website cannot make in a day or even in a week. Specialists from various fields are involved in the work, whose work must pay accordingly. That’s why we get, dropping all the calculations here, the cost of the average website from $1000.

Why do different studios work in the same price range? The cost of creating a website may differ?

The cost of creating a website can be less when:

  • the studio is young, and the staff is inexperienced. Everyone works for experience and “on a portfolio”;
  • in the studio, one person combines several responsibilities (layout designer, programmer manager);
  • Freelancers actively use – freelancers who can pay a little less.

The cost of creating a website can be more when:

  • the studio is very experienced and produces high-quality projects – in this case. The price is justifiably high;
  • the studio employs excellent designers whose works are genuinely exclusive;
  • the project is complex, and the developers immediately noticed the main pitfalls;
  • the order directly lays the company’s surplus profit.

Why do customers often make the mistake of choosing web studios?

Most customers choose a developer

  • or at a price (the amount you are willing to spend to create a website);
  • or by what the website of the web studio itself looks like;
  • or for a portfolio.

Customers understand but are not ready to accept the fact that it is elementary to create the appearance of a successful company on the Internet. And for this reason, the price of entering the market of website creation is minimal. It is equal only to the cost of creating the website itself.

Much later, many customers realize that the website:

  • it’s not just designed. The content and technological part of the project play a much more significant role.
  • it is not a finished product that a website is actually a very time-consuming process and is essentially an information system that develops along with the customer’s business.

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