Ten reasons why the website does not display in the top Google

Everyone has long known that traffic cream collects the top 10 positions in search results. So naturally, therefore, to get into the TOP – a cherished, understandable desire of every Internet businessman. In general, the meaning is clear, but will it be so easy to snatch victory from competitors?

As practice shows, the problem is not always a fierce competition. Often the website slows itself down. Here are ten reasons why the website is trampled on the ground and does not want to go to the top.

  • Young green. Usually, young websites, no matter how great they are, can’t conquer search results because of age. The website needs at least 3-6 months to gain weight and prove your ability. But the process can speed up by adding the website to Google and Yandex.Webmaster, regularly updating and posting helpful content, making internal relinking, etc.
  • The website is a source of viruses. The road to the TOP for the website with viruses is closed. Here everything is clear: the work in the issuance monitors the quality of information and the quality of its source. Picked up the virus – nothing to infect people, go away from the extradition and get treated.
  • It finished to the filter. There are many reasons to run into search engine sanctions. If, for example, you can get rid of filters, then, getting banned, the website falls out of the index entirely for up to 6 months and becomes the cause of endless correspondence with support.
  • Pacifier website. If the website does not have unique and valuable content, then you can forget about good positions. Your dream will not come true if the content on the website copy from other resources. Write yourself, come up with exciting offers for customers, and search engines will appreciate it.
  • Illiterate SEO. Although the website should be made for living people, optimization should not forget. Organically enter keywords into the text, place tags. The robot must somehow find your website on the Internet. Not sure what to check? Checklist to promote the website to help you.
  • The website has dust on the host. For a website to function correctly and index by search engines, hosting must always be online. Choose a server with high uptime (resource uptime in normal mode, a good figure – 99.98%). If the robot gets to the website during non-working hours, it will not index and promote the website in search results for a long time. Also, pay attention to the server settings allocated for a specific website.
  • Site on a whole domain. Remember that websites with a domain below the second level are indexed worse. It is due to a lower speed, lack of regular technical support, the presence of advertising, etc. Among the problems with the domain is also a high risk of buying a domain name that was under the ban. In this case, no force will be enough to pull the website in the top 10.
  • Webmaster errors. Webmasters are also people who can be wrong. For example, your website could be accidentally closed from indexing by incorrectly writing directives in Disallow or Allow in the Robots.txt file or through meta tags of the website code itself, such as forgetting to pick up. Check and troubleshoot.
  • Bad behavioral factor. Public opinion is vital for search engines. Therefore, they analyze behavioral factors. For example, if the website reads for a long time, goes to the internal pages, returns to it, the works see the point in raising such a website higher and showing it to as many people as possible. To control behavioral factors, analyze website metric data, look for vulnerabilities, and correct them. After all, the more user-friendly your website is, the better it affects optimization.
  • Do not rush the event. Everything you do to optimize the website does not work in the exact second but after a particular time. For example, Google may need 2 to 4 weeks to index text, and the results of registering in website directories should analyze no earlier than 1.5-2 months.

Conclusion: Now you know at least ten reasons why the website can not break into the TOP. It’s time to check your website to rule out these issues or fix them in time.

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