Teaser advertising – pros and cons

Teaser advertising today has become one of the most popular means of promoting goods and services on the Internet, ranging from dietary supplements to acting courses and real estate sales. The word “teaser” was probably heard by everyone, except those who never went online. However, what it is, few people know.

It is quite problematic to get a clear, concise answer: the bulk of materials on this topic only disorients the reader. Let’s finally understand what teaser advertising is for the website, the pros, cons, and pitfalls of its use.

What is teaser advertising?

Teasing – this is the main task of this type of advertising. To answer the question of a teaser ad, you first need to tell what a teaser is. The word “teaser” comes from the English verb “tease“. In general, a teaser is an advertising message of the type image + link + headline, which attracts and intrigues the user. Teaser advertising should arouse interest, and hence the desire to click on the teaser ad to go to the advertiser’s website.

How teaser advertising evolved

Teaser advertising is not a new invention, it originated long before the advent of the Internet. For example, a teaser ad was published back in 1920 and advertising the still silent black and white film “The Idol Dancer”.

This poster can undoubtedly be considered the ancestor of modern teaser advertising. Neither the title of the film nor when and where it will show indicate here. But there are such attractive words for the public: “You have never seen such a heroine before. New GREAT First National Special Show. These techniques still use by teaser makers who create teaser ads for ad networks.

Teaser advertising began to be called all advertising that worked on intrigue. That’s how beautiful, for example, the Swedish carmaker Volvo decided to tease customers, showing only the outlines of its new executive sedan S90.

What is a teaser network?

The teaser network can describe as a platform that is an intermediary between the traffic seller and the advertiser. However, the work of the system does not end with simple “pimping”. The platform makes sure that interaction between the two interested parties is as simple, comfortable, and profitable for both the former and the latter. And teaser networks help content projects share traffic. The principle of such work is simple. You upload your news promotional materials online. They will broadcast on partner websites. Instead, install a code on your website that will show information materials of other network members. Visitors to your website click on the ads posted in the news block. Instead, new visitors come to your website for your teaser ads.

Suppose you are an advertiser and want your advertising in teaser networks to be noticed and attract potential buyers. In that case, you just need to register in the teaser network and perform a couple of simple operations.

If you want to monetize your website, it will be even easier than running a teaser advertising campaign. All you have to do is register in the teaser network and choose the ad units that suit your website in terms of design. Put a teaser ad on the website is simple – copy the code provided by the teaser network and paste it in the appropriate place on the pages of your project. That’s all.

Pros of advertising in teaser networks

  • Low prices for advertisers. Teaser advertising is perhaps the most affordable advertising mechanism on the Internet. Thus, when paying for clicks, the cost of one conversion will average from 20 kopecks to 7 UAH. If you compare another popular advertising service – Google ADS – then the prices here start from 60 beds and can reach up to UAH 50 per transition. Read here how to build a pay-per-click strategy. Prices for banner advertising are generally unreasonably high: there are few clicks on such advertising, the media is in demand only from large advertisers who value image placement.
  • The teaser is suitable for almost all types of goods and services. In addition, Google ADS and other advertising services have many restrictions on the subject of advertised services. But teaser networks allow you to promote almost anything, except for things that are prohibited by law. Accurate, specific platforms have their prohibitions, but they are much less stringent than other advertising services.
  • No need to spend on creating the ad itself. The functionality of teaser networks allows you to create ads in your account. You only need to choose the appropriate image and come up with a suitable title. You do not need to hire a designer or copywriter. But try to draw a banner with your own hands or write an article! By the way, how to write SEO-texts correctly read here. Even if you can handle this task, you will kill a lot of time without the necessary skills, and it is doubtful that you will get a guaranteed positive result. So, in addition to generally much lower prices for teaser advertising, you will also save on its production.
  • Simplicity. You do not need any professional skills or abilities to launch a teaser advertising campaign and monetize your website. And time-consuming actions take minutes, literally.
  • Orientation. Advertising generates revenue only when it finds the right audience. You can advertise medicine among teenagers for as long as you like – as long as it doesn’t go up. So any advertising campaign – whether teaser, whether banner, whether viral, with the involvement of famous bloggers, should always be aimed at the audience that needs your product or service and can afford them. Teaser networks provide excellent tools to work with, with which all settings can make in a couple of minutes.
  • High efficiency. Teaser advertising, in general, is a highly effective mechanism for attracting potential customers. Its cost is meager — no less effective teaser networks in terms of earnings for website owners. As practice shows, the teaser block brings more income to the publisher than a large and expensive banner. At least five teasers will fit in the area occupied by one average banner. And they are called much more often.

Cons of teaser advertising

  • Not suitable for the promotion of non-mass consumer goods. Above, in the advantages of teaser advertising, we have indicated that it is suitable for almost any type of goods and services. However, do not forget that the teaser is a tool to attract quantity. Therefore, it is perfect for promoting such popular consumer products as cosmetics, health products, clothing and footwear, gadgets, and even real estate. If the product costs as much as it is not a pity to spend on it by clicking on the teaser to the user, if this purchase can easy classified as spontaneous – then teaser advertising will be an ideal means of promotion. If the product is a niche, not everyone needs it, and it costs a lot – it is better to forget about teaser advertising. Placement in context will be more effective. We do not recommend advertising in teaser networks, such as concrete mixers, spare parts for special equipment, or welding equipment.
  • There is a risk of cheating clicks. This can not be called a specific disadvantage of teaser advertising – unscrupulous owners of advertising space can and banners specifically call to quickly recoup the budget and find a new advertiser who can make money in the same fraudulent way. However, clicks on teasers make most often. The main and almost the only way to deal with this problem – professional and reputable teaser networks, which value their reputation. Such companies monitor the cleanliness of the websites on which they place their teasers and timely block unscrupulous partners.
  • “Cold” traffic. Teaser advertising is a mystery that can attract the attention of many users. Unfortunately, a large part of the audience, clicking on the teaser and going to the advertiser’s website, leaves him in the exact second, as soon as he learns the answer to this riddle. So don’t think that teasers are a panacea that will automatically boost your sales. They can attract potential customers, but whether they make a purchase – it’s up to you. Therefore, it is crucial to provide a quality and attractive landing page, which will get the person who clicked on your teaser. And, of course, the product itself and its price are also essential.

Examples of successful teaser advertising on the Internet

And now, let’s move from words to deeds and consider examples of advertisements in teaser networks. In general, teasers can divide into two large groups – news and advertising. News teasers do not sell anything. They offer the reader exciting information that can read on the partner network of the teaser network. The user sees the teaser for literally a second, and there is only that exact second to interest the reader, to make him click. People are tired of banalities. Human psychology is such that it is attracted to extremes – horrible and beautiful, sad and funny, helpful and harmful, etc.

Here, for example:

  • My favorite actor has died – it’s sad. A very young and beautiful beauty queen died of a terrible disease – just a nightmare!
  • Everyone loves Soviet comedies. They are associated with something good and fun , watch many times. Therefore, it is exciting to know what kind of mistakes we could not notice ourselves.
  • The girls so arrange that they want to be stylish and beautiful. Of course, a teaser that promises to reveal the secrets of style will succeed!

With commodity teasers, everything is more accessible. The main rule – do not to exaggerate the quality of goods, do not mislead users. Respect someone who can be a source of your income soon! After all, a person who went to the advertiser’s website and realized that she had been deceived will never become a loyal customer.

Now let’s talk separately about the illustrations to the teaser because they are the first to attract users’ attention and make them stop and read what write under this picture.

If we are talking about something that helps to solve a painful problem, such as getting rid of excess weight, you can go from the oppo website and place something “terrible”, say, a photo of a large and fat belly. It does not look very aesthetically pleasing, but, as practice shows, such a teaser click with more frequency than the illustration showing a Brazilian model with perfect shapes.

Remember: a person, seeing advertising, seeks associations with himself, with his problems, troubles, and joys. Therefore, staging photos work much worse than amateur ones. Yes, they are less beautiful, less bright, clear, but the fact remains – they click more often. Get closer to your target audience!

In conclusion, it remains to emphasize that teaser advertising in itself is an excellent tool for promoting goods and services on the Internet and monetizing various projects and news resources. But, like any tool, it should use not thoughtlessly but wisely.


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