Some signs of dishonest customer behavior

We always try to find a common language with the customer. The success of each project depends primarily on us. It is also essential how responsibly and thoughtfully the customer treats his order. Here are some signs in the behavior of not quite honest customers.

  1. “Make us a discount site (or free), and then we will refund you on the next order”

No real business person will give away their work for free and spend time hoping to be compensated in the future.

Well, imagine a plumber saying to you, “Come on, you install a sink for free, and the next time I need a sink, I’ll make it up to you.” He would laugh in your face! In addition, most likely, you simply will not be approached when it comes to a serious project.

  1. “We never pay a penny until we see the site in operation”

Almost every professional asks to pay a deposit or pay for the work in stages, except for very small projects. Once you have a strong business relationship, you can work with the customer to make some other payment rule. But a new client has no right to demand work from you without prepayment!

  1. “Make a site for us, and the whole world will know about you! And orders will fall on you!”

Nonsense. Try to tell the plumber: “Install this sink in me, my friend will see it, and you will have a bunch of orders!”. Our plumber would reply, “Are you saying that even if I do my job well, I need to do it for free to get noticed?” In addition, such a client will then probably start bragging to everyone that such work usually costs a lot of money. He, such a superb businessman, got it for free! If someone else calls you from him, then only in the hope of the same deal.

  1. Looking at the site design or project sketches: “Well, we’re not sure if we want to work with you, but leave your materials with us for now so I can discuss them with my partner, investor, wife…”

You can be sure that he will call other designers fifteen minutes after your departure, have ready-made materials, and ask them about prices. When you call again, such a customer will say that your prices are too high, and this work will be done by the studio “Horns and Hooves”. What is strange here that they gave a lower price? You saved them several hours of consultations, which they did not dare to expect! Until you agree on a deal, do NOT leave ANYTHING in the client’s office.

  1. “Well, we did not cancel the order of the site, but simply moved. Wait a bit, we will continue in a month – the second”

If the site had to be made urgently before and now – no, most likely the case died. The best solution would be to bill for the work done at the moment and then calmly watch what happens. Otherwise, you will call in two months, and it turns out that someone else has been doing your job for a long time.

  1. “Last time we made a site for XXX dollars”

So what? If they did a good job last time, would they talk to you now? And how much the previous artist took from them has nothing to do with you. People who take too little for their time drop out of business (or go bankrupt, or just change jobs), and someone has to take their place. Give a fair price and stick to it.

  1. “We have financial problems now. Let the site work. We will get the money and pay it off with you”

When the customer finally has the money, you can be sure that your account will be the last in line to pay. When someone reaches a state that admits to having problems, things are going even worse than they are trying to show. But even at best, aren’t you a bank? If you play nobility, you will probably lose. But if you have already allowed them to pull to the last, then at least demand extra money for your expectations.


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