Seven mistakes that lose your website

Creating and promoting a genuinely user-friendly site that would be popular and compete with millions of other sites on the Internet is no easy task. The audience can do little to help. It is rare for a user to be able to clearly explain what he likes – to use common phrases such as “stylish design” or “you can quickly find what I need.”

But you can find out exactly why users leave the site prematurely. Here are seven critical signs that visitors will quickly leave your site without becoming customers.

  1. The information on the site is outdated

When was the last time you changed something on the site, added information, updated news? Don’t you remember? Your resource is hopelessly behind, and users have already found something more relevant and valuable.

  1. Users on the site are uncomfortable

A successful site is a site that focuses primarily on users. What annoys users on the site the most?

  • when you can’t wait for the page to load;
  • when you can’t find contacts, store address, or support phone;
  • when music or video starts playing on the site immediately;
  • pop-ups.

Another critical point that may not be very annoying to visitors but certainly does not increase your profits – is the lack of calls to action and a lot of uninteresting text. Suppose you post dry information without emphasizing the benefits or have short characteristics of “cheap”, “quality”, etc.. In that case, you lose users’ attention and do not use a direct chance to interest them in the purchase.

  1. The site is inconvenient to view on mobile devices

The omniscient Google has already included the adaptability of the site to mobile platforms in the search algorithm. Why? Yes, because even now, people use the Internet more often on their smartphones and tablets than on PCs. If the entire version site display on my iPhone screen, I won’t even try to zoom in. Anyway, before I find what I need, I point my finger ten times wrong, press “back”, will load the necessary and unnecessary pages for a very long time – do I need it? Read more about site optimization for mobile devices here.

  1. The site is not optimized for search engines

SEO is still relevant, no matter what anyone says. And everything works just as effectively. Want to be found quickly – move forward with the help of experts. Be prepared to constantly fill the site with fresh, original, and relevant content. But a site with keywords is just a sausage in the Olivier of successful SEO. You need to move outside the website – to be active in social networks, announce your events, attract backlinks, increase traffic, post press releases, and all that. Too much? And who said it would be easy ?!

  1. On the site abracadaberne url

If the addresses of your pages look like a meaningless set of letters and numbers, that’s not good. It is not so critical for users – they still look first at the site itself, not at the address bar. And here search works, having come across the address without words are known to them or with a set of hyphens, start to break wildly.

  1. There are “broken” links

There is nothing worse for the site than clicking on the link and seeing “Error 404: page not found”. Remember the golden rule: if the site has a clickable link or button, it should be followed by a helpful page and NOT a dead end. Of course, there is a chance that our visitor is balanced, clicks “back,” and will continue to explore the site. But “Error 404” scares the search engine even more than an unreadable address. It simply stops indexing the site and moves on to the next one. And behind the “broken” link are your excellent pages with keywords, great deals, and unique products or services. Which search engine and thousands of potential customers now do not know.

  1. You are not interested in statistics

Suppose you do not use Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrica, then you are just like a blind kitten. There is also all the information about site visits and the effectiveness of each page. For example, you can quickly identify which queries users most often find your site, and you can pull up texts. You will see which pages open more often – which means you will find out what exactly interests users without marketing research and market analysis. You will see which pages are outdated, where users do not go – maybe should remove them at all?


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