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SEO website (or search engine optimization) – work aimed at improving the position of the resource in the issue. However, there are many methods to get a good effect. Everyone should not use it. Otherwise, there is a risk in the long run to damage the resource’s reputation to search engines.

After all, even robots do not like to deceive. So generally forget that such cheating is behavioral, hidden text posting, search spam, doorways, and cloaking. In our case, the rules not design to break them.

We recommend to be honest – to move exclusively by white methods.

Let’s consider what needs to do for SEO site work to be effective. To do this, list the white methods of search promotion:

Content promotion

We can talk about this a lot and for a long time. A multifaceted and effective method of SEO site, which can be worked on indefinitely and with this gradually move to the top.

But pay special attention to the following requirements:

  • Content must be unique. Photos, pictures, videos, texts – do not borrow it from others. Take quality photos of the product yourself or videotape one of the numbers of your dance school. Write about yourself interestingly on the pages of the resource.
  • Content should be interesting. Otherwise, users will run away from you. And do not abuse the volume. For example, for the main page, 1500-2000 characters are enough. And for informative articles on a commercial website, the importance of 2000-5000 signs will be suitable.
  • Content must be “fresh”. Update information regularly. It is unlikely that anyone will be interested in reading on the main page about the actions of two years ago.

Consider the two sides of the coin: content should be engaging for both work and people: exciting and relevant. You will have to make concessions and look for a compromise for

Reference mass

How to get a link to your site, we have already written here. Registering in directories of articles and sites, exchanging links with thematic resources, and working with a group on social networks will increase the attention of potential customers and conversion. With this link, no filter is scary because they are natural.

Therefore, SEO site white methods guarantee the result. To avoid tarnishing the credibility of your resource, use only legal means. Don’t waste time, money, and energy! And if there are difficulties – contact us, our specialists will answer all questions and help promote the site. Everyone to make the result of the SEO site happy. Make sites for users. Robots already really like it!


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