SEO promotion of landings: is it a myth or a reality?

In essence, a landing page is a one-page website. This single page should be as effective and rich as possible to concisely but accurately reflect the importance of the product or service. Usually, on a good and correct landing, you will find a detailed description of the offer and many quality images of the product, reviews of genuine buyers. Most likely, the page will end with a discount or some promotion.

SEO (from the English. Search Engine Optimization) – is a set of actions taken to improve the resource, increase its value and from the point of view of users, and view search engines. The primary purpose of SEO promotion – to bring the website to the TOP and increase its traffic.

Qualitative website optimization (white) includes the following works:

  • optimization and constant updating of content;
  • increasing the natural mass of links;
  • technical optimization (setting robots.txt to create an XML-map, write semantic markup, etc. – see checklist for optimization).

Let’s go back to the advertising pages. Which of the following can apply to landing?

Working with content?

You can optimize landing texts – prescribe the correct titles, tags, alt attributes, check the page for resampling and uniqueness.

But with regular updates, it is more complicated. Landing page does not involve changing the content. Its structure is written once and for all. You can only change some numbers. The landing page does not have internal pages to post articles, news, and other helpful content. This page does not even assume a complete catalog. The information in it is static.

Therefore, such an essential point of optimization as working with content for landing has minimal capabilities.

Natural mass of links?

We are talking about natural links. Purchases can lead to sanctions. So natural links also largely depend on the content. You need to either make a single page of your landing so enjoyable that it is referenced or still get additional pages on which you can place new relevant information.

Technical optimization?

Here such a website also has small opportunities. However, it is understandable – a simple structure does not allow you to use all the techniques.

In general, the fact is that promoting landing, which initially intends as a page for contextual advertising, is time-consuming and, as a rule, meaningless.

In areas where competition is high, landing (however attractive it may be) will be inferior to a full-fledged website in search engine rankings.

For low-competitive topics … anything can happen. If the issue has few websites on your landing, then the search engine shows nothing more than it. So just created a one-page website kravush.com.ua was in the TOP rank of Google on “spraying crankshafts”. But we can not say that the request is trendy and competitive.

Therefore, our advice: if the competition in your business is high, you should not spend time, effort, and money on search promotion of landings. Instead, they should use it for their intended purpose: planting for contextual advertising.


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