SEO of website “inside”

Website optimization

To get the website in a good position, make its pages as straightforward as possible, relevant to the content, they should contain keywords. Optimize URLs, make CNC.

Title and description

Each page needs unique metadata. High-quality SEO optimization is detailed work on all parameters of the website. It includes both internal SEO and external.

Meta-titles must be no longer than 70 characters. Titles must have keywords and carry a semantic message. Make sure it’s not just a set of keywords.

The meta description contains 156-160 characters. It is also unique and reveals the title. It appears in search results as a snippet.


Make sure the page has a single h1 header.

However, now it is not so strict. And others are generally allowed in any quantity.

Make sure the headings have the appropriate tags, not, for example, bold tags. Although visually the “result is the same” a title without a “title” tag is not a title.

Pictures: we work with the name and alt-text

When the cursor stops, its name display on the online artwork. Get rid of names like “fjrdkv63fgbnd.jpg”. It is primarily done for visitors to the resource, although search engines are not so important.

The search engine uses the image’s alt-text to understand the image’s meaning, which affects the overall relevance of the page. Alt-text is easy to test in Firebug.

Seo webpage optimization

In principle, this is a work with titles and keywords. And it will have to be repeated when the exact words are known, so it is enough to check the titles for proper design for the first time. And even then – on the main pages.

Duplicate content and mirrors

Site mirrors with and without www must be merged. The same convention should not open twice with/without “tails” of type /index.html (PHP, HTML, etc.). Set up redirects correctly, check for the uniqueness of convention pages.

Code validity

Test it by going to www.validator.w3.org. The main thing is to avoid critical mistakes. Others are not so harmful.

Hidden text, secret links

When using these tricks, search engines ban the website. No matter how hard you try to promote a resource, it does not appear in search results. To prevent this situation, www.seo-browser.com will help warn you what Yandex and Google think of you.

Last tip: To perform SEO optimization, you need to solve the problems we described above. Of course, it will be difficult for an ordinary webmaster to understand all the nuances of SEO. But you can order a website audit. Seo experts will identify and find problems that prevent your website from ranking high in search engines. They will provide a detailed SEO report. After the audit, you will be able to conduct SEO optimization of the website yourself.


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