SEO links – what is it?

Let’s understand what an SEO link is, why it should be feared. SEO links are links to influence the search engine, not to help users who recommend this resource.

If you look at the example of Google’s Penguin, which aims to combat spam links, and to which for three years of existence have more or less got used to and learned to promote websites without fear of it, then Google does not like:

  • Pay links. Google periodically in “manual” mode imposes sanctions on certain exchanges – calculates all participants and send under the filter. Think seven times before participating in exchanges, selling, and buying links – it will be more expensive. Google has long threatened to get to the russian Sape.
  • Google does not like large-scale campaigns to obtain links from blogs, forums, etc. Comment on blogs, forums, YouTube is possible and even necessary, but do not leave the same comments on a large scale, especially in automatic mode. You should not do it.
  • Exchange links between websites on various topics. It looks unnatural when a furniture website advertises an accounting services website.
  • Google doesn’t like explicitly optimized links, especially where they do not need in terms of content.
  • Google does not like mass links placed in the footer that is not related to the website’s subject. However, do not be afraid to put information about developers in the basement of the menu – this information is helpful for users, so it is safe.
  • Google does not like when the website is linked only to commercial queries in the anchor. Use anchorless links (from the words “here”, “in detail”, etc.) as well as links with diluted anchors (“learn about ordering cakes”) alongside commercial anchors (“children’s cakes to order”). It is one of the main symptoms – why websites fall under the Penguin.

With Google, everything is clear. Which links are considered spam Yandex?

The main features of SEO-links on Yandex:

  • posted on a non-thematic donor website;
  • are among the links to other topics;
  • contain unnatural anchors or often use the wording of commercial inquiries in the anchor.

As you can see, Yandex and Google do not like the same links. How to get a link to your website? Also, read here.

If you bring all the above together, the SEO link will consider those to which you can apply several factors:

  • the link did not appear at the time of page creation;
  • the link is not in the text, placed in the basement and among the explicitly generated content;
  • the link placed on a page where there are many links on other topics;
  • links have an unnatural, spammy anchor;
  • the link posted on the website that sells the link;
  • external links are constantly changing on the website;
  • at the same time, there were a large number of identical links from similar resources.

Are links from website directory and article directory links purchased, and can they be filtered? Unambiguously, links from directories are one of the few ways to obtain secure links to your website legally. Such links are natural. You should not register the website in low-grade and non-thematic directories.

Promote the website correctly. Then you will not have to fear sanctions!

Improve design and usability, write valuable and unique articles, work on behavioral factors. Try to make your customers fans of your product/service.

Are you afraid that your website will be banned? Order comprehensive website promotion from us. We use only white methods.


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