Popular SEO-myths about search engine promotion

Among beginners and sometimes experienced web admins, there are various myths, one way or another, related to the promotion of websites. We understand which of them is true and which is a lie.

The guaranteed result in SEO

Every second website owner is looking for guarantees of reaching the TOP. But it is almost impossible to give them, even using predictive analytics. Because the process involves three parties – the website owner, SEO-company, and search engine-there is no guarantee for specific terms and specific positions in the search in SEO.

There can be many options for fraud – SEO companies promise to bring in the TOP a certain percentage of queries and then display low-frequency queries or, in the contract, indicate a low percentage of top queries. Promise traffic – and wind it artificially if you can not reach the desired numbers.

Any guarantees are questionable schemes.

It is also a popular option when the risks are shared equally – if you can put in the TOP, it is paid extra — the only type of real guarantee – payment for work performed, with detailed reporting.

Organic promotion is significantly cheaper than Google ADS

Many people dream of the TOP, thinking that it will be cheaper to get there than to advertise. In fact, for a place in organic distribution, you also need to constantly fight and constantly improve your website, one way or another investing in it.

It is often much easier and cheaper to set up contextual advertising or use other channels to attract traffic.

The keywords tag must be filled

Keywords have long been obsolete and are filled out either out of habit or out of ignorance because it does not affect the issuance, and in some cases, may be harmful.

The more links, the faster the website will get into the TOP

This is far from the case — no need to chase the number. Look at the control profile of competitors, make your profile better (it does not mean more, so about the same, but better).

TOP-10 guarantees sales

Why is there an unrealistic struggle for places in extradition? Because they think that they will get in the TOP, get visitors to the website, and the money will flow. It is far from the case, and website conversions rarely exceed 1%. The usability of the website plays an equally important role. Everything on the website should be clear, accessible, convenient, beautiful, and straightforward.

Social networks do not affect SEO

This is only partially true. Yes, social networks do not directly affect the promotion, but indirectly affect how else. Social networks allow you to better and faster index the website and indirectly contribute to the receipt of natural links and targeted traffic. And in vain! Aren’t you on social media yet?

The position of the TOP-7 is steeper than the TOP-11

Many experiments show the opposite. The first result of the second page clicks more often than the 7th place of the first page of the search results. Therefore, not every place in the TOP is equally useful.

Unique text guarantees TOP

Many factors influence the ranking of websites. Some unique texts are few. In addition, the text must be not only technically unique but also content.

It’s no secret that in the first place, you can find websites with stolen content. Therefore, the website must be generally better than competitors to get into the TOP.

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