Order a website in the studio or do it yourself? What to choose?

The world of modern business is hard to imagine without the Internet. The World Wide Web provides many opportunities to attract customers and partners, make a profit, etc. To take advantage of these benefits, the company needs a reliable platform on the Web – its website. That is why no modern enterprise can do without its web resource.

It should note that in recent years the Internet has become more accessible. If 10-15 years ago only large companies with a significant budget could afford to buy their representative office on the Internet, now even a start-up company can get its web resource without severe budget costs. Moreover, you can create a website in several ways. It is necessary to choose this or that variant proceeding, first of all, from the project’s purposes and your possibilities.

So, how can you become the owner of your website?

  1. Make a website yourself

  • Opportunity to directly implement your ideas. Folk wisdom says: “If you want to do good – do it yourself.” Of course, this opinion has a right to life. By learning to make websites yourself, you will implement almost any of your creative ideas. At the same time, you can avoid a lengthy explanation to its performer (who, unfortunately, does not always understand what the customer needs).
  • Ease of managing your website. Once you have mastered the wisdom of creating a website and working with it, you will quickly change its structure and design, add new blocks, edit content, etc. In addition, you again do not have to hire a contractor for this work and explain at length to him, which still requires of him.
  • Save money. Of course, creating a website, its support, and promotion require considerable financial costs. By mastering all the intricacies of developing and working with web resources, you will save a significant amount of money.
  • Enormous preparation time. One of the biggest obstacles to applying this method, which practically reduces all its advantages to zero, is the need to gain knowledge and experience in website building. To make a perfect website, you need to know HTML, CSS, PHP and work with visual and graphic editors. You also need to have at least a general idea of ​​the basics of programming, usability, web design, search engine optimization, and promotion. To understand the principles of making websites, you have to shovel gigabytes of training programs and manuals. Despite the attractive promises in the annotations of books to tell about the basics of HTML in 5 minutes, their study requires severe concentration and time. In addition, we should not forget that website building is a very dynamic area, so you can not limit yourself to textbooks. Do you need a modern website? And for the latest trends, you will have to go to forums and blogs of professionals, read articles on profile resources, etc. And all this is necessary to make a simple website consisting of several pages. If you want to implement any complex and unusual design ideas, the preparation should be even more severe.
  • We should not forget about such an essential component of success as practical skills. The novice website builder is disappointed to find that not all described techniques work in practice, and the website still does not turn out as seen in dreams. But to find bugs that lead to unsatisfactory results, the website owner still has too little experience, so you still have to seek the help of professionals who bring the resource to mind.
  • Finally, it is essential to remember that creating a website requires knowledge of technology and creativity, and maybe, let’s not be afraid of the word, talent. Unfortunately, not everyone has a soul for website building. Usually, the future owner of a web resource is much more enthusiastic about creating a website than the website itself, and this is perfectly normal: everyone has their own.
  • Low performance. Admittedly, no matter how hard a novice webmaster tries, his job will still be far from professional at first. Many modern website design methods, elements of functionality, and other features will remain inaccessible to him due to their complexity. And even the most straightforward website created by your own hands, most likely, will contain many shortcomings and errors that will lead to failures in the work of the resource and ultimately negatively affect the company’s image.

So, the conclusion: to create a high-quality website, you need to become a professional in the field of website building truly, and this will require a lot of effort and time. Unfortunately, most people abandon the study of website building, which they need to create a website, realizing the inexpediency of this solution.

Who is this method suitable?

You can create a quality website yourself only in two cases, namely:

  • if you already have significant knowledge and experience in the field of website building;
  • if you do not yet have this knowledge and experience, you plan to do website development in your additional (and maybe primary) specialty. At the same time, you have enough time to prepare and have experienced and highly qualified assistants and advisors.
  1. Create a website yourself based on the website builder

Now it is possible to make a website with your own hands, avoiding the exhausting stage of learning the basics of website building. On the Web, you can find many paid and accessible builders that offer everyone who wants to become the owner of their web resource in almost half an hour. This method has its advantages, but, unfortunately, there are also very significant disadvantages.

  • Simplicity. Website builders differ in the level of usability. However, in general, they are designed for untrained users, so they have an intuitive interface and are pretty easy to use.
  • Save time. Usually, creating a website with the help of builders does not require much time from the user.
  • Low cost. The cost of the site depends on the builder. But in general, such a website is inexpensive for the owner or even free.  It, unfortunately, ends with the pros.
  • Limited functionality. Usually, the user chooses several standard functions (and, most often, the range is not very large). In this situation, it is almost impossible to get a website that will fully (or at least partially) meet the needs of your company.
  • Lack of individuality in the design. Again, the user usually chooses from a limited set of design solutions, and often there is no way to edit the design (for example, to embed a logo in the header, etc.). Therefore, the manufacture of such a website can not apply the company’s corporate style or even customize the design on the subject. In addition, the design of the website is entirely devoid of uniqueness, as other users of the builder can stop at the same option. It means that your website will have many duplicates on the Web.
  • Problems with hosting. As a rule, websites created with the builder’s help place on free hosting with all the ensuing consequences: many other people’s advertising, problems in work, inconvenient third-level domain name, zero opportunities in the field of promotion.

Conclusion: Websites created based on a builder can damage the company’s image.

Who is this method suitable?

Such websites are well suited for private life: they can create personal pages, resources of any informal communities (for example, school clubs), etc. Also, website designers can use freelancers not related to the web industry to place your portfolio. If your company is planning serious steps in business development, the most appropriate solution for you is to order the creation of a website in a professional web studio.

  1. Order a website in a web studio

Demand gives rise to supply, and now the website’s customer is almost unlimited in choice: many professional web studios offer him their services, and, of course, in a wide range of these offers, you can find the best option. And the rapid development of Internet technology minimizes the disadvantages of ordering a website in a web studio.

  • High-quality craft. Order a website development in a professional web studio. They will create a quality and reliable website for you, which meets the latest requirements and reflects the latest trends in website building. You insure yourself against the failure of the resource. The website will have a convenient structure, created taking into account the requirements of usability. Also, the web resource will load quickly and adequately display in all browsers. Remember that the web studio has a team of professionals working on your project: webmaster, designer, copywriter, etc., so each component will perform at the highest level.
  • Advanced functionality. When creating a website in a web studio, you will choose a wide range of options, so you get a resource that fully meets your needs.
  • Thoughtful design, taking into account your requirements. Making a website by professionals will allow you to get a website with a high quality and elegant design, which will be organically embedded elements of your corporate identity.
  • Ease of use. Usually, in professional web studios, websites are created based on a modern CMS so that the owner, even without special training, efficiently manages the resource.
  • Possibility of further promotion. In modern web studios, websites design to meet the requirements of search engines, which allows you to promote resources successfully.
  • The need to pay for the work of professionals. Of course, the result of creating websites, performed at a high level, costs money. However, if before the prices for web development in all web studios were very high, now with the help of our web workshop you can buy a quality resource with a modern design and reliable functionality at a fairly reasonable price. So now this “disadvantage” of making a website in web studios is not so terrible.
  • You need to find a common language with the designer. Sometimes it is unquestionable then convey to the webmaster, designer, or project manager the image of the website formed in your imagination. Sometimes there is a misunderstanding between the contractor and the customer, leading to deceived expectations. However, if you work with real professionals, they will understand what you need and put your ideas into practice.

Who is this method suitable?

Ordering a website in a professional web studio is an ideal solution for those who plan to grow their business and increase their company’s profits with the help of their web resource.


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