Nine reasons why you need to order the creation of sites from us

PBB design has been developing and creating information resources on the Internet for more than 15 years. There are many companies, firms, and freelancers that do this. What are our advantages over them? Why do you need to order the creation of a website from us?

  • We adequately understand the place of the website in the business process of the company. Many website creators think in virtual categories – “cool cms”, “ladies”, “object-oriented paradigm,” and other incomprehensible terms for many, which are unlikely to be useful to the customer in his business. Before creating a website, we first study the customer’s business (within the framework of available information), and create an Internet resource considering the specifics of this business.
  • We will not use commercial or non-commercial standard content management systems (such as Joomla, Bitrix, HostCMS, NetCat) and others with your consent. Why you ask, everyone still uses, and you do not. The fact is that standard CMS has a specific standard set of functionality. It includes modules for all occasions, which does not improve the performance of these systems. And when you need to do something specific to a particular business process, it is complicated to do in standard CMS and sometimes impossible.
  • Many people want to offer the customer as much as possible and something that he will never need in life. We offer the client exactly as much as he needs. We can even provide less than necessary so that the customer himself understands how much he needs specific modules for the website or online store. We prompt but never impose — more on how to properly order a website.
  • Our prices are competitive.  Paying for our services, you invest money first of all in work, instead of in rent of our office in the center of Lviv because we don’t there 🙂 And we don’t suffer from it. You too.
  • We do not abandon our customers. After submitting the project, we try to provide comprehensive support to our partners. Our help is not limited to technical improvements and updates. At the request of the client, we can provide consulting assistance in the field of Internet marketing. But only if desired. We help you do business, but we don’t do it for you.
  • We are a full-cycle company. We create websites and provide services for website auditing, search engine optimization, and optimization. When ordering a website from us – you can forget about everything that accompanies this process.
  • We increased security and data storage. We pay special attention to the security and preservation of our customers’ data. After all, information is invaluable!!! Sometimes the loss of data is equivalent to losing a business.
  • We conduct our activities officially, pay taxes. The works are carried out within the framework of the concluded agreements, after the completion of the works a full package of documents is provided.
  • We know how to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum investment. This means that every hryvnia invested in creating the website will bring maximum profit due to the absence of unnecessary costs and the right decisions at the stage of design, development, programming, and promotion.

Typical customer mistakes

The first thing most customers look at when choosing a contractor to develop a website is price. The cheaper – the better. But the cheapest websites are obtained in the following cases:

  • Used website builder on one of the platforms. In this case, you get limited website functionality, template design, rigid binding to the platform. Such websites are not suitable for serious work, and it is impossible or complicated to promote them in search.
  • The website makes by a novice developer, usually on a free CMS and a ready-made template. There can be no severe design and talk: you get a semi-finished product. It will have to be finalized or wholly reworked shortly. The cost of modifications far exceeds the cost of such “development”.

In both cases, instead of a functional website, the customer receives a “suitcase without a handle”: the website is, but you can not use it for its intended purpose and promotion.

Filling the website with copied content is the standard approach of unscrupulous performers. This damages your reputation, complicates promotion, harms business, and can lead to lawsuits with rights holders.

You should not chase low-cost and loud promises when choosing a website developer. Online business is dynamic, and investing in online projects should pay off quickly, not waste money.


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